Saturday, October 15, 2011

I don't like writing sad posts but I came across one the other day who had lost her mom and it just brought back a flood of memories.

So no sadness here but just a moment of shared memories.

(Cadey, Hayley and my daddy 1997)
It's been 12 years today that I lost the man I called my dad.  We don't share the same eyes, hair color, height, nose nor blood but most importantly we shared love, happiness and family.

He loved me like his own and honestly I never thought any different.  I have a biological mom and dad out there somewhere but I never really think about being adopted until someone mentions it.  I had a wonderful life with wonderful parents and was/am extremely blessed. 

I love hearing about adoption stories because mine turned out so wonderful. 
(Daddy and my Hayley 16 years ago)

My dad passed away while I was pregnant with Katrina and he was hoping I would be bringing a boy into this world.  That didn't come until a few years later and we gave Bubba (Jackson Wyatt Wayne Wilkerson) a piece of daddy's name :)

(Daddy and Hayley 1994)
  My mom misses him every day.  They were first and only loves.  She tells how she left her mommas side and straight to my daddy arms for almost 30 years.  She stays true to their marriage and memories and still loves him to this day.  

(Hayley, Cadey and Daddy 1994)
  I just felt it needed to be spoken about what a wonderful man, husband, father, grandpa and most importantly child of God, Douglas Wayne Culbertson was and still is in our hearts.  

Anyway, no sadness but lots of really great memories.  

Many blessings y'all,


Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

What a wonderful memory of your father...thanks for sharing a little piece of him with us today! Prayers to you and your family today as you remember him.

mississippi artist said...

It is wonderful that you have such great memories.I am sure he is watching you all and espescially his namesake from Heaven.