Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Football season

Welcome to my first blog! 

 It just so happens that it's also a season of many firsts for me and my family

The beginning of the school year brings excitement of new things to come.  New school clothes, new supplies, new friends, teachers and schools.  Here in the south it also brings excitement over a new football season.  Of course there's football everywhere but down here it's more of a way of life.  Friday night high school football, Saturday morning little league football followed by an afternoon of cheering on your favorite college team.  Maybe your lucky enough to snag a few tickets to an Ole Miss game and go tailgate at the grove.  Whatever the days may bring, one thing for sure, there will always be a game in full swing to enjoy.

This year is extra special for my family as my youngest child, and only son that we appropriately call Bubba, is not only starting school this year but is also old enough to play flag football in our local little league.  Being a mom of 3 beautiful daughters i'm very much used to the whole princess tea parties, pom pom shaking, living room dance recitals and all that implies. But the whole rough and tough, pound and ground flag football experience really worried me.  Even though my boy is ALL boy I just can't help the dreadful feeling I get when I see him laying out on the ground or hobbling off the field and the sense of relief when he jumps up and runs back to the huddle and always gives me the thumbs up sign. 

Of all the memories I am storing of this year of "firsts", the one that tugs at my heart is the image above.  My husband, the UPS man, holding his only sons hand and walking him to his first game.  Being there in that moment it didn't really hit me but then we picked the pictures up from the photo lab.  This is absolutely one of my favorite photos and will always be the image I think of when I think of Bubba's first football game. 

Special thank you to my daughter Hayley for snapping that picture and working your editing magic.  My Hayhay you have such a talented eye!  Thank you and I love you!