Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What i've been up too.

Well ya'll nothing exciting that's for sure.
Just a lot of duck and cover.

We've had severe storms here since Monday and last night from about 4:30 till about 3 this morning just a continual poundage of rain, heavy winds and tornado warnings EVERYWHERE!

Katrina got a little spooked after we lost power and her and Bubba slept on the couch.  We had to light up the candles and kerosene lamp.  I guess it's a good thing I love me some candles and have a good stock :)

We finally got power around 4:30 this morning and when I took the kids off to school we noticed our neighbor across the street.  Their tree had fallen down straight from the roots!  It did miss their house and everyone is ok, praise God.

This is my side screen door and it's probably demolished....My UPS man says he can fix it :)

Of course Gerttie wasn't fazed one bit.  These dogs are so silly they don't make a peep when the sirens go off but you let one of the neighbors roll out their garbage and they will not be quiet!!! Unbelievable!
They do stay under my feet when it's bad outside :)  I guess they're watching out for momma :)

Well I hope all ya'll are doing ok out there.  Hopefully i'll have something more fun to post about later on this week besides bad weather.

Joining Ms. Kara at Elements Interiors for her Whassup Wednesday party cause this is all that's up with me this week :)
Stay safe and many blessings,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, rain go away~

Well at least till this Summer when we need it!

Hey ya'll
Well me and the kiddos are holed up in the house trying to wait out this second round of tornado warnings and thunderstorms.
We had some pretty heavy storms earlier around noon today and it's supposed to hit here around 10:30-10:45.  I usually don't freak out during tornado watches or warnings but a couple of years ago we had a tree go down on the neighbors side just missing their home by inches and that was just from heavy winds.  I was upstairs at the time and came down running.  My UPS man is no big fan of storms and when he heard me run he "broke camp" too! LOL

We've also had winds blow down our storage building that my BIL and UPS man had just got framed up the day before and ~wosh~ gone!

A couple of weeks ago when storms came through again, the winds took down a utility shed that my UPS man had just framed.  It's kinda funny and we've laughed about it.  My UPS man said "I can fix anything mechanical, electrical and plumbing but God just didn't make me a carpenter"....LOL

Here's some pictures of our tree from a couple of years ago.

Straight up from the roots.

It took out the neighbors cable and phone line also.  That's how close it was to their house.

and fence

Well, I'm gonna go for now and pray that it just passes on by.  They're also predicting storms again tomorrow early evening.......will I ever get the rest of my garden planted :(

Ya'll take care!

Many blessings,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter ya'll!

Just wanted to wish you all and your family a Happy and blessed Easter!

We're coloring eggs, baking cookies and just having fun spending time together and hope you are fortunate enough to do the same.

I came across this you tube video today and thought it was perfectly fitting for the holiday.  Remembering what this holiday means to us all, nothing can describe it better than "How Great Thou Art" and He is eternally great.

Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill
Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Many blessing,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Tablescape

Happy Easter ya'll!!!

If you know me you know I love the holidays, any holiday and Easter is no exception :)

Of course Easter to me is the promise of many things to come, Spring, flowers in bloom, trees in their full glory but most importantly the resurrection and the promise of forgiveness and life everlasting.

I also love seeing the little ones, bigger ones too, all decked out in their Easter best, being together as a family and just enjoying the day, food, egg hunts and each others company.

This Easter we're gonna be just taking it easy here at the house.  Will probably do a little egg hunt for the kiddos and I have a Easter brunch planned and late afternoon dinner and then of course they (meaning the UPS man) will just snack the rest of the evening :)

Here's a little Easter tablescape I set up for the mid-morning brunch. 

Mr. Bunny and his egg tree :)

Layered up dishes are a mix match of green from Kroger (I love these cause they are so thick and heavy), the white is an Ascot china from Japan, silver trimmed and green pattern called Dawn Mist by Sango and white bowl also from the Ascot set.

MIL silver

My Craig's list crystal find :) (you can see more of that here)and the green champagne flutes are from Dollar Tree and i've been waiting for the right setting to use these!

I'm not sure what this silver piece is supposed to be....maybe a sugar or creamer took a LOT of polishing is all I know :)  It holds what is left of my azalea blooms after last nights storms...praise God there was no damage to our property.

The yellow place mats are from World Market, which is no longer here :(

Here's my cute little Easter basket from Lifeway Christian book store.  "Lord the earth is filled with Your faithful love" Psalm 119:64

I hope you enjoyed my little tablescape and most of all want to wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend and happy times with your family and friends.

I'll be joining Ms. Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for her Tablescape Thursday, ya'll come join in :)

Many blessings,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mikasa give away


Enough said :)

Go visit Mommy Kate and enter for a chance at a set of Pure Red 6 place setting dinnerware set! You can click on the button on my side bar or click here :)

These are absolutely beautiful and would make a great gift for Mothers Day for yourself or mom.

Good luck everyone!

Many blessings,

sewing, sewing and more sewing

Hey ya'll!
Just thought i'd take you on a little tour of what i've been doing for the last week.........sewing.

I love to sew, embroidery, monogramming all that good stuff but i've been worn out!

My daughters school is having a Spring Festival next weekend and each room had to do a themed basket to be silent auctioned off and guess who's room mom!  Woo Hoo!

Normally this would not phase me but I got the "baby boy" theme and is there really anything cute you can do for little boys?  It's hard, believe me.  Hard to find something boyish that's neutral so people will want to bid on.
So for the basket I made this Happy Birthday banner on my embroidery machine out of an old sheet and old pair of did take FOREVER but turned out really cute so now i'm gonna have to make some personalized ones to hang in the kids rooms (adding to my mile long "to do" list).
Also added like 6 of these burp cloths and "little man" onesie.  I also made a bib that says "Chicks dig me" with an embroidery of a little chick and diaper cake with a little blue piggy bank topper but didn't take a picture of it :(  Hopefully the PTO did and i'll try to post it on here later.  I hate it when I do that!

I've also been trying to get enough items made up to have a booth at the city's Spring Arts and Crafts Fair.  It's right on old town square where all the little antique shops are and literally 2 blocks from my house.  So I had made some pillowcase dresses with little Easter themes and as fast as I could make them someone was wanting one.  I shall not complain :)
Here's my friends little girl (my new model).  She's as cute as can be....look at all those curls :)
Her favorite dress was the "Hanging with my peeps" is pretty cute.
I happen to like this one the's Amy Butler fabric and I made a matching hair bow too.
My nieces little girl is all country but I took some to her this weekend to see if she wanted one and she didn't want any part of it.  Guess I shoulda made one in camouflage LOL.  Her Nanno (my SIL) picked this one out for her.  That was actually made from fabric my Granny used when she was still quilting.  She gave me bags and bags of fabric!  I've been trying to go through and use what I have on hand instead of buying more but it is oh so hard :(
Here's a hair bow for my daughter for the 4th of July.  I always do some piece of clothing for my youngest daughter for 4th of July. 
This is her when she was a baby with her 1st 4th of July dress I made her :)
I made this one in Mississippi Bulldog colors for my older daughter.  Ring the bell ya'll!!!!!  This happens to be her college of choice :)  We'll see....she's in a slump right now and doesn't know what she wants anymore and I'm trying not to stress but it's coming fast!  They do have a mind of their own.

Anyway, in between all of these things I'm trying to make a family quilt for my mom for mothers day....doesn't look like that's gonna happen :( but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway and my sweet UPS man is working on building my a real sewing/crafting area....I of course am happy with a piece of plywood on 2x4's and a chair but he's got the itch so i'm letting him scratch :)  I'll let you know how this turns out!

So that's where i've been ya'll....I haven't disappeared although if you I ever do it will be to somewhere quiet and sunny....this weather around her is the pits :p (another night tonight of thunderstorms and tornado watches! BOO!)

Have a great Tuesday!

Many blessings,

Friday, April 15, 2011

~Chocolate & Gold Ribbon Cake~

I know, I know I post way too many desserts....I promise next time it'll be something um with no sugar in it....maybe :)

I have to tell you I have a couple of obsessions.....fabric and cook books....any cook book.  I probably have about 83 now and I finally got room in the kitchen for the last box of books to be displayed.  As I was trying to put them up I couldn't help but look through this one.  I told my daughter to pick something out that looked good and here's what we got....It is quite delicious and definitely worth the time.  Oh and it makes you look like a million bucks.  I think I even got a kiss for this one ;)

Chocolate and Gold Ribbon Cake

1 1/2 tbs unsweetened cocoa
1 tbs instant espresso powder (this is totally optional)
1 1/2 tbs warm water
1/4 tsp almond extract
2 3/4 c sifted cake flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 c unsalted butter (room temp)
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 c sugar
4 large eggs
1 c buttermilk

Preheat oven to 350.  Butter 2 9 inch round pans. 

In a small bowl stir together the espresso, cocoa, water and almond extract until smooth and set aside.

Sift the cake flour with the baking soda and salt and set aside

In a large blow, beat the butter on medium speed until smooth.  Add the vanilla and sugar until fluffy.  Beat in the eggs one at a time and beating after adding each.

On low speed add the flour mixture in thirds alternating with the buttermilk until batter is smooth.  Spoon 1/2 the mix in one cake pan.  Stir the espresso-cocoa mixture thoroughly into the remaining batter and scrape out into the other cake pan.

Bake for 30 to 35 mins or until knife inserted comes out clean.  Cool in the pans for about 10 mins and then transfer to wire racks and let cool completely.
Now go make the frosting :)


1 12oz bag semisweet chocolate morsels
8 tbs unsalted butter (room temperature)
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 c confectioners' sugar
4 large eggs

Melt the chocolate (I did it in the microwave but you can do this on a double boiler).  In a large bowl, beat the butter until smooth, add the vanilla and confectioners' sugar and beat on low speed until incorporated then beat on medium speed for about 1 min.  On medium-high add the eggs one at a time beating for 1 min after each egg.  Add the chocolate and beat on low speed until smooth and creamy about 1-2 mins.
Use a serrated knife to cut the chocolate layer and yellow layer in twos or you can leave as just two cakes.  Frost between each layer and then the outer of the whole cake.  
The frosting on this cake really makes the cake.  

I hope you get a chance to try this and enjoy it.

I'm joining my girl Daph over at Flip Flops and Pearls for her recipe swap :)  come on over ya'll
Have a wonderful weekend!

Many blessings, 

Monday, April 11, 2011

and.....i'm beat!

Hey ya'll
Hope you've had a wonderful Monday.
We had some bad weather come through but just got hit with some heavy rains so we're thankful for sure.

Not much going on here this week.  Have a "baby boy" themed basket to get ready for silent auction at Katrina's school for their Spring Festival.  It's really hard to come up with generic cute boy stuff....BOO!!!!
I wish I had gotten the "baby girl" theme...i'm talkin' hair bows and tutus for one and all!!!! :)

Anyway i'll be busy as a bee (queen bee that is..hehe) getting items made and ready to basket-up this week but I wanted to show you what went on this weekend.
A little fishing
and being goofy (cause this child cannot sit still!)

and it was Hayley's birthday and prom :)
Her date was the most handsomest date EVER and the cutest grandbaby a g-ma could ask for :)
Isn't he the sweetest?

She didn't have a date so my oldest daughter brought the baby by and they suited him up and took him in the prom for pictures....those poor teenage boys didn't have a chance when they saw my Drake come in!  Who, I ask you, who could resist those eyes?

Anyway, "big" fish and big smiles this weekend....hope you all had a great one yourself!

Many blessings,

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey ya'll...this is just a little write-up for my daughters birthday today in hopes that in between her busy teenage schedule she'll take a moment to read :)
Have a great day ya'll!

May Hayhay....that's what we call my you....Hayhay.
See the little kids in day care would try to say Hayley and it came out Hayhay.  17 years......only 388 more days till you're 18....that's your countdown and such a definite one at that.  You text me often to remind me how many days are left....we both understand why 18 is so important to you. 
I remember the day I went to the hospital to have you.  We got up and left the house at like 4:30 in the morning.  Went to the hospital, got prepped and of to the OR I go.  They wouldn't let anyone in the room with me, not even your daddy and I didn't get to see you when you came out.  I had trouble regaining the feeling back after the epidural and spent 5 hours in recovery before they took me to a room.  When they finally brought you into the room, your daddy had brought Cadey in the room to see you.  She had on a new polka dot dress and was so excited.  The nurse asked her if she wanted to hold her little sister and she said Yeah! She was the first one out of all of us to get to hold you!  So no matter what you two think about each other now and over the years, she really loves you and loved you the first moment she saw we all do :)
I've missed a lot of your daily life and many of your ups and downs and although many don't see it, it does tear at my heart every day.  That's the past and is something that can't be changed.....only repaired. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you grow in this next year.  I know most parents don't look forward to their children turning 18 and going off to college but I'm excited and happy for you and can't wait to watch you
 begin your senior year, senior homecoming game, spring break, 18th birthday, senior prom and graduation!
So many exciting times ahead and many memories to make.

Well Hayley, If you ever have a moment to read this I just want you to know how much I love you and how proud of you I am.  You have a mindset and determination that I admire.  I only want you to enjoy life and find something you want and love to do but most of all I want you to know that i'll always be here for you.  You'll always have a home to come to, a lake to swim in and b-b-q nachos are only one call away :)
Much love and happy birthday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Suggestions and advice, please?

Hello all!  Hope you're having a wonderful week.

I don't think I have ever mentioned that about 5 years ago we were sorda living out of boxes.  We had made some tough decisions to pack our house up and store everything and move in to help out my MIL before her passing.  For 3 years now we're finally at the end of unpacking some last boxes and stored items.  I know 3 years sounds like a long time but believe me if your constantly renovating an old home and trying to combine, clean and sort through 2 households and almost 40 years of hoarding collecting stuff it does take a while.
Anyway, I found this copper pitcher or pot or I don't know what it really is.  Do any of you have any ideas.  It's pretty big but not at all heavy.  Still in good shape and needs a major cleaning, which I have no idea how or where to begin cleaning on copper. 
I like this lion
and the blue and white ceramic handles.....If anyone out there has any idea how to go about cleaning something like this, i'd appreciate you leaving a comment or messaging me.  I could use the help. 

I also can across these hand painted silk prints.
  My husband got them about 15 years ago from work...someone was throwing them away so he gave them to his mom and now they're back in our hands. 
They're awfully wrinkled and i'm very afraid of ironing them and possibly ruining them.  I don't really know what to do with them right now.  I do love the flower prints and thought about framing them.  All the pieces measure like 24x24.  Any ideas?
Well, I'd love to hear back from you all with any suggestions or advice!

Thanks and many blessings,