Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~Katrina Katrina~

Ah Katrina....
No not hurricane Katrina, although she can very well make her room resemble a hurricane.  My Katrina came a few years before the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.  She could never be know as anything tragic. 

It's been 10 years today when I had Katrina, my 3rd daughter but 1st child with my UPS man :)
I still remember being at the hospital and his face when they gave me an epidural, he almost got sick and they told him to turn around if he felt like he was going to pass out.  All I could think of was what a shame it would be if he messed up his nice clothes.  See he was beaming all morning, didn't even go to sleep the night before.  He had gotten up before me and showered, shaved and dressed in his dress shirt and tie.  All to be prepared to welcome sweet Katrina into the world.  I forgot to mention he picked out her name.

I didn't have a bad pregnancy with Katrina and everyone was more than happy to welcome her into the world.  My daddy was excited and had hoped for a boy for us.  He had found out he had cancer right before we found out we were pregnant.  He then passed away when I was 5 months pregnant.  He would have loved Katrina.  She loves hugs and snuggles and is one of the most caring and kind hearted people I know and daddy loved getting hugs and snuggles and was without a doubt the most kind hearted person I had ever known.

She came into this world and didn't make a sound. Big blue eyes that will still melt your heart.  My UPS man wouldn't put her down and he couldn't stop smiling nor has he quit.  As soon as he saw her he said "this is my little Keke" and so the name stuck.  We still call her Keke or Big-en.  Our friends have a boy a year older than her and he's always called her Ke-kitty.

Keke, Big-en, Ke-kitty, sis or Katrina she'll always be my little girl.  I had mentioned in one of my first blogs about a "year of firsts"  (you can read about it here) and how music brings back thoughts and memories.  One of the songs that is the most meaningful song to me is a song by Dido called "Thank You".  It was playing on the radio while we were bringing Keke home from the hospital.
I want to thank you
for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you
is having the best day of my life

Ten years has gone by quite fast and unexpectedly I find myself with my youngest daughter now entering the double digit age group.  All too soon it will be cell phones and boys, proms and drivers license.  All too soon it will be college and tests, jobs and life.  And all very, very too soon it will be memories.  Hopefully her memories of a happy childhood and a comfortable home with parents and a family who love her unconditionally. 
So Katrina, If you ever read back on this, I want you to know what a sweet, beautiful and tender-hearted young girl you are.  You've always been a friend to all and enemy to none.  You have such a big heart for those in need and we couldn't be more proud of you.  Your beautiful spirit shines for all to see and I hope and pray that life brings you to many roads with many, many happy moments. 
My love always,

My blogger friends, thank you for indulging me in sharing my memories of a special day for me and my family.
Many blessings,

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Katrina said...

Laura, when I saw the blog post title...I thought you were going posting about me. haha! I SO liked looking at this post! Happy Birthday Katrina! From another Katrina!