Thursday, September 29, 2011


Walking my crazy dog this's my surprise


Oh pretty red surprise lily, I've been waiting all year long for you!

So I felt good and decided to make some of these
Homemade vanilla cupcakes with seven minute icing
yum yum!

Tomorrow's Friday y'all!  

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Many blessings and surprises to you all,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You get what you need

This song is completely fitting for my life

In the words of the great man Forest Gump...."That's all I have to say about that"

I'm joining my ham-bone friend Daphne over at Flip Flops and Pearls for her Semi Wordless Wednesday
Girl i'd be training/running with you but this pic explains it all :)

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Happy Wednesday

Many blessings,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Come join my anniversary give away!

Happy weekend everyone!

I'll say it.............


We are busy, busy, busy over here this weekend.  Today is football game, cheer picture, cheer game, wedding #1 and then wedding #2!  Whew! I don't know if i'll make it out alive! lol

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Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Many blessings,

Friday, September 23, 2011

~1 year Blogaversary give away~

Y'all come on in :)

Can you believe it's been a whole year? I can't.  I can't even believe i've thought of anything to post about let alone anything someone other than me would find interesting or informative.

Well maybe y'all are just being polite! lol :)

I just wanted to say a big ole thank you to all my followers and some great cyber friends i've met along the way.

Some of y'all have been there and helped pick me up from a dreary day, some of you have just emailed me to see how i've been doing and there's been lots of you who just give me a good ole laugh right when I needed it the most......for that, I thank you all!

Sooooo.......i've got some little thank you gifts i'm going to be giving out to one lucky follower.

First up i've got Deanna from Birdsong Bows.  Deanna has the absolute best hair bow tutorials i've ever seen and used.  Beautiful follow along pictures too.   

Deanna has graciously offered up a free tutorial of your choice.  Y'all stop on by and check out her blog too for some free projects.
ON SALE How to make a ribbon cockade ornament pendant instructions PDF tutorial statement charm necklace                              
I seriously want to learn how to do these!  They would be so beautiful in Christmas colors.  Can't you see a tree covered in these!
ON SALE Fabric flower tutorial how to make a headband instructions PDF download
How precious is this!! I'm telling you these tutorials are awesome!!!!

Next, I was recently contacted by My Memories scrapbooking website.  They are offering one lucky follower a free copy of their software.  I have to tell you, I really love this scrapbook software.  It's not just for scrapbooking you can create digital scrapbooks, photobooks, cards, DVD's and calendars among other things.

They have tons of designs to choose from!

I'm definitely going to be using it to create my hang tags for my boutique clothing once I play around with it a little more.

And gonna make a little memory book for all the girls on my squad for the season :)

For now, My Memories is offering you guys a $10 coupon towards a software purchase and $10 coupon towards anything in their store.  Just check out My Memories and when you get ready to check out use this code:  
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A Yankee candle basket full of little goodies!

A personalized key chain that perfect to hold your drivers license or business cards.  I love mine!! I never have to dig around in my purse for my business cards.

I'm also throwing in a mason jar soap dispenser and 3 holiday hanging kitchen towels.  You'll have one for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  
You can see how to make those here and here.

Here's the rules!
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For extra chances to win....

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So that gives you a good two weeks to sign up, spread the news and good luck to you all!

Thanks for all your support, inspiration and friendship and here's to many more years and friendships to come!

Many blessings,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day 3 Halloween traditions

Day 3 of  Neely and Amber's Fall blog challenge is all about Halloween traditions and memories.

Oh how I love Halloween!!!
It's the kid in me :) or maybe just the hopes that I'll replenish my stash of Milky Way's! lol

I have so many fond memories of when I was young and going trick or treating.  Back then we didn't go out and buy costumes, we scavenged through the house and came up with something.  Nor did we have to take our bag of candy to the local hospital and have it x-rayed.  My how times have changed.

My silly UPS man a couple years back

I still make memories with the little ones running around.  I definitely don't try to buy the kids costumes and do for the most part make them myself.  Although they would much rather go and buy the $25 cheap polyester costume from that mega store that sucks you in like a tornado when you drive by but I do my best to convince them otherwise :)

Every year I cook chili for us older folks and depending on mood i've been known to make homemade pizza for the younger ones.  Always have apple dumplins and even though the weather is unpredictable down here that time of year, I make hot cocoa.  

I love, love, love all the holiday movies and now I almost have to force the kids to watch Charlie Browns "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" but they watch it, even if it's under duress! lol

Bubba and our friend ready to load up on candy!  That's right y'all we're driving around pulling a trailer with a golf cart!

The last few years we've headed over to this or that friends house for their party.  We bring our trailer and load up all the kiddos on the back with some hay and make the loop around their neighborhoods.  My neighbors are all elderly and as soon as the sun goes down they hit the bed so no trick or treating around here! lol

Anyway, we always enjoy Halloween around here and expect to have a blast again this year!

Do any of you out there have any traditions or fond memories?

Hope you all are having a fabulous week and stop on back by for my 1 year blogaversary give away post!

Many blessings,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of the Fabulous Fall blog challenge is 

Fall clothes, trends and makeup

I have to say, unlike my 10 year old daughter Katrina, I am by no means any fashionista.

See around here it's a comfy pair of jeans and good pair of boots.


Santa better have these under the tree this year

My new favorite fall/winter color Razorback red....heck yeah!!!

See I'm just a t-shirt kinda girl (I will wear this to the PTO meetings at school :) )
hey y'all

and I will top it off with a good hat.  Of course mine has my sterling silver razorback bling!

And sadly for some of you runway models, this is what I would happily walk outta the house wearing if my UPS man were taking me to somewhere special  :)  

Where's the makeup you ask?
Well all I really wear is lip gloss and a good mascara.  The Avon glazewear is my absolute favorite lip gloss and the new Maybeline colossal is an awesome mascara!

Plain and simple y'all, that's the way I like it!

Happy Tuesday y'all!  Come on by and join me in the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge over at Neely and Amber's.

If you wanna see some of our family fall traditions check out my day 1 post here.

Don't forget to come on back by this week for my 1 year blogaversary give away!
Many blessings,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day 1

Hey y'all!
I'm joing Amber and Neely this week (and hopefully next) for their Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day.

Today's challenge is Fall Traditions.

Seeing as i'm a big Fall/Winter kinda girl I load up the family with traditions, sometimes overload if you ask them so don't ask them!

I used to watch 'Martha' back in the day (the 90's for those who don't know my days) and she made baked apples, cored out with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon in them.  
This are the one thing that doesn't change up from my routine.  The first cool day in September I make a batch of these for the kids when they get home after school.  My goal is to make a comfort memory for them to remember when they get older and families of their own.  I also make a easy baked apple dumplin recipe that they love and i'll be sharing that later on with you :)


I'm also a big Halloween mom!  I love dressing the house and the kids up, even though the kids are old enough to pick out their own and don't wanna be what I want them to be anymore :(  The house is decked out and we will be trick or treating at old town square (just blocks away).  It's really fun to see all the old antique shops, bakery's and clothing stores "dressed up" for Halloween!  

Katrina, Bubba and Hayley
We go pick out pumpkins and carve them up.  My Hayley has really been getting into the pumpkin carving thing.  All I can do is the eyes, nose and mouth in triangles!

That's my little Cowboy #27 on the right and Katrina cheering on her Cowboys!  How cute are they!!!

Of course from August through mid November we are riddled with football and cheerleading.  Go Cowboys :)  The kids keep us running on Saturdays watching their games and I wouldn't have it any other way.  
Then there's the Arkansas and Ole Miss game.  Since i'm a Razorback kinda girl who married a Rebel we are a little house divided and have got to watch that game for sure!  I'm fairly sure my Hogs are gonna stomp those Rebels this year :)  Get ready!!!

Pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks is back in season but I also like the comfort of my own home and my pumpkin spiced Coffeemate creamer.  Cheaper and I don't have to leave the house :)

Well those are some of my Fall traditions.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and if you have a chance, stop on by Neely and Amber's blog and join in on the Fall festivities!

If you follow me or would like to follow along, please do!  I've got my 1 year blogaversary coming up this week and have a fabulous give away planned!!!!

Many blessings,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chocolate Peanutbutter Eclair cake anyone?

Ok this cake is just about to die for!  I made it in a matter of minutes and then texted a picture to my UPS man. 
He was trying to figure out all day what he had done right to deserve me making the cake.  I'll never let him know I saw it on Plain Chicken's website and couldn't wait to try it.  
Look now if y'all haven't stopped by and visited Stephanie, you don't know what you're missing!! 

She's got some of the best tasting recipes, easy directions, quick and simple.  Just the way I need it for this busy family (especially during football season!) 

they are wearing me out

Anyway here's the recipe and a pic of mine.  Of course they aren't as pretty as Stephanie's but who cares cause it was delish!!!!!

                     (um Stephanie @Plain Chickens pic)                                              (and my pic)        

Stephanie's pic/my pic, Stephanie's pic/my pic, Stephanie's pic/my pic

Please y'all there is no need to let me know how sad my pic looks up next to hers.  I must advise you that after making and tasting it, I could care less what it looks's scrump-diddle-e-umptous

Peanut Butter Chocolate Eclair Cake
1 box chocolate graham crackers (there will be a few graham crackers left over)
2 (3 1/4-ounce) boxes vanilla instant pudding
1 cup peanut butter
3 1/2 cups milk
1 (8-ounce) container Cool Whip, thawed
1 can chocolate frosting
Spray the bottom of a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. Line the bottom of the pan with whole graham crackers. In bowl of
an electric mixer, mix pudding with milk and peanut butter; beat at medium speed for 2 minutes. Fold in whipped
topping. Pour half the pudding mixture over graham crackers. Place another layer of whole graham crackers on top of
pudding layer. Pour over remaining half of pudding mixture and cover with another layer of graham crackers.
Heat the container of prepared frosting, uncovered in the microwave for 1 minute. Pour over the top of the cake.
Refrigerate for at least 12 hours before serving. 

Refrigerate for 12 hours!!!!! Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?! I don't know who she was kidding cause I didn't think I was gonna be able to wait till the kids got home from school.  AND 12 hours we did not make it too.  I guess I should strongly advise you wait the 12 hours cause it does need to set but if you can't, like me, then it's just as good all unset! :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

I am busy working on Christmas items and football and cheer team gifts.  Ahhhh!!!! What do you get 18, 9 & 10 year old boys that's not girly?
Yeah, I don't know either :(

Many blessings,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ahhh Grandparents Day :)

It's true, being a grandparent is just about the best thing in the world :)

Hanging out with Lala (me) at Uncle Bubba's football game

Drake and lil' Uncle Bubba running the field after Katrina cheered her team on to victory!  Never noticed it until I posted but look how beautiful the sun coming through those clouds are :)

And just hanging out with Skippy (my UPS man) and helping work on the "project" truck

After church and back to mommas.  A moment of just pure sweetness :)

I hope i'm this and much more :)

Happy Wednesday y'all!

I'm joining my hambone friend Daph over at FF&P for her Semi Wordless Wednesday!  
Y'all come on over!

Many Blessings,