Monday, January 31, 2011

~Newbie Party & Wreath Tutorial~

I'm joining Debbies Newbie party :) and as they say......
Better late than never or fashionably late?
I can't be fashionably because my 9 year old daughter says "Mom you're not full of fashion".....oh well, I guess there's worse things I could be or not be...right?
Well welcome ya'll....just a little newbie background on my blog.....

I've been blogging since October 2010 and my followers aren't many but many of the finest out there! :)
I started blogging after searching the web for a pillowcase dress tutorial and came across Melissa Lester and her blog A Little Loveliness.  Her blog is beautiful along with her family and spirit.  Just reading her day to day trials and triumphs and the beautiful things she does for her children, family and friends and I was inspired to look further....that's when I ran across Ms. Yvonne at Stonegable.....oh my!  Who wouldn't be inspired by her blog, her tablescapes and recipes!  I love, love, love that blog and she sooooo got me outta my "I don't wanna do anything" slump that I was in and got me in the "let me get my house and life in order and move on sista"!  Sooooo Monogram Boutique blog was born.

Monogram Boutique is my own home based business of monogramming, applique, sewing and alterations.  The holidays got me backed up and then the little mishap of having to send my big momma machine off to get fixed has put me way, way behind so the business along with my Etsy shop has had to stall for a while but that's ok.....i've got you guys to keep me entertained! :)

Now along with a little tutorial..........

I've been seeing all these pretty paper wreaths out there.  Some made with torn pages from a book (which I love and am soooo gonna attempt that one soon) and some made out of cupcake papers....cute also but I thought why not get out the coffee filters.
This is super easy and the kids even joined in.
First just scribble around the edge of the filter with a washable magic marker. 
Then spritz around the colored edges with water.  Let dry.  Here's comes the pain fun.  Get out the hot glue gun and glue in the center and fold
glue again and fold
glue one more time and fold
then I folded the bottom up once and glued onto the wreath. 
This one was an 18" grapevine wreath.  Use any size and probably a Styrofoam one would be easier to use but I found this one at Dollar Tree so I made it work!
Once you get enough glued on then you just "force a bloom".  Gently pull the folded layers apart until they somewhat resemble a bloom. 
I think all together I used about a whole pack of coffee filters and I did go through 2 markers (hence the two toned pink color). 

All in all I think it turned out pretty cute and good enough for a less than $5 Valentine wreath and then I believe my little princess has claimed it for her door to her room.

I'm glad ya'll stopped by and to all the fellow newbies out there....WELCOME!  I myself will be checking out some new blogs. 
Come on back anytime and follow along if you like, I could always use a few good friends :)

P.S. Thanks Debbie for throwing a great party.

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Have a great week and many blessings,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Time out for tea~

With a busy week it seems there is no time for anything.....then today I said to myself, "self....make some time!"
Most of you out there are probably like me....cold and just about tired of this weather.  I'm for sure going to protest Groundhog day and I won't tell you what Ms. Ginger at Savannah Granny suggested we do to Puxatony Phil!  ;) Just kiddin'!  Nothing harmful or in the felony category, I assure you.  She is absolutely lovely and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

Well here's what I had in mind for my "time out".
So no time for this or that but I made some time for some hot tea and a piece of warm lemon pound cake.
These were some of my MIL's dishes. 
They are so delicate I'm almost afraid to use them, so I try to take extra care.
They have these whispery little delicate looking flowers on them and are rimmed around the edges and handles in gold. They are so much fun to's like I'm a little girl having a tea party :)
I'm not sure where I got the tray from but it's fairly new.  You can take the bottom off and insert "whatever" between the glass.  Right now i've got old photos of my UPS man's family.  That's his mom and dad in the middle and Big Momma at the top with her cow....the little cute fella in the bottom left is the UPS man sitting on the front steps of this very house....probably about 33 years ago!  I forgot I had this tray until a few days ago and found it again during my big "purge" so these pics have been in here for a while....believe it's time for something different.
Just adding a little Valentine's love to the table.......I've used these candy boxes throughout the house this year and since I'm on a "whole house purge" kick then they will be filled with special treats for one of the kids class for Valentines Day.....just gotta think of something to put in them {thinking...thinking....thinking.....ouch! too much thinking....must stop}

Well this is just about all I can do for now. I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse of my 15 minuet time out!
Wish you could stop by for some of this cake before I eat it all! 
 I love lemon.....lemon anything!

Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime.

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Come and join the fun!
Many blessings ya'll

~Fun Frames~

Here's some plain Jane, cheap ole little frames I thought I'd add a little personality too.....btw....who's Jane and why is she always the one who's plain?  Why not Sally or Sue or Jenny or June?  Sorry...starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book.
Well here we go.......I just got a couple of acrylic frames at Walmart for $1 and a wooden frame for $3 also from Walmart. 
Picked up a grouping of Valentine flowers and ribbon from the Dollar Tree.  The Spiderman figures came off my son's birthday cake last October....I never throw that stuff away cause I always think I'll use it for something, plus they charge a small fortune to add the figures to the cake.
Just get out that handy dandy glue gun and go for it!  I had to twist and turn spidey to make sure he was going to stay in place but he's on there.
These hearts were on the flower bouquet and are just styrofoam covered in glitter.....perfect for my little girl....she's all about some glitter :)
I knew exactly what picture I wanted in the wooden frame and now I can't find it!  BOOOOO!  I didn't want it to be so "Valentiney" but I really like this red ribbon with the feather edges.  I just tied a bow (I do the whole bunny ears thingy) and if I messed up or it doesn't look right, just bent it to where it looks best to me....wire ribbon is our friend :)
I also love old buttons and my mom gave me a big ole' box of them the other day.....I have a pillow project coming up with buttons.......lots of buttons....but this one didn't fit in those plans but looks great here!
Glue, glue, glue like there's no tomorrow!
Some of you might have noticed I used the little photography tips from Tracy at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures.  This little trick works great except for the black and white washed the actual photo out and no amount of adjusting would work but I'm sooooo gonna use this trick on my Etsy shop and here....looks so professional and anything to help me look smarter, well then ya'll I'm down for it!

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Thanks for stopping by
Many blessings ya'll,

Monday, January 24, 2011

~Sweet hearts~

~Throwing a little love out there~

I usually don't do much for Valentines Day but I've had these decorations packed up and I'm in the middle of a household purge so I thought I better use it or it's outta here :)

Here's my set up on my coffee table.....the poor table is in need of a major facelift, I just don't know what I wanna do so for now I cover it with whatever!
I have a couple of these heart shaped tea light holders.  The little mini boxes are candy boxes.  I have enough to possible do a little something special for my daughter or sons class for Valentines.

I found the table runner last weekend at the Salvation Army thrift store and only paid .59 for it!

I love this tea light holder.

Thanks for stopping by. 
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Many blessings ya'll,

It's a pet par-tay!

Hope you all had a great weekend.
I'm joining Debbie at Debbiedoos Blogging and Babbling for her first ever "Pet Partay".  What a great idea and it's going to be so much fun to check out every ones "babies".
So without further adieu'......
let me introduce you to mine. 

This is Bear or as we affectionately call her Big Ole have to say it just like this....Barrrrrrrrrrr.....drag the "r" out and do it while you pat her belly. 
Big Ole Barrrrrr loves to talk.....she sounds more like Chewbacca from the Star Wars movie.  She's 11 years old now and nothing much bothers her.  She sounds vicious but if you hold your hand out and pat her head she'll pretty much let you steal anything you want and will probably show you where it's at if you ask.

Barrrr loves the kids and really just ANYONE who will pay a little attention to her.  She also likes to "get around".  I know, I know!  Shame on us for not "fixing" the situation.  Anyway, I've always said "NO MORE DOGS!"..........then came Gerttie
What can I say?
Who wouldn't love her?  I'm not sure what she is....her daddy is terrier for sure but her mom is whatever and she is a sweetheart.

I absolutely did not want another 16 year old fell in love with her.  We were at by BIL's for Halloween and went to the state park for their haunted house, games, hay rides and all kinds of fun.  My daughter had brought along little Gerttie....she was the runt of the litter and fit in the palm of Hayley's hand. 
She had been begging me to keep the puppy.  I'm strong and stood my ground...."Absolutely not!"  Then she entered Gerttie in the pet costume contest.  Wrapped a sequin scarf around her and set her on the ground in front of the judges and said she was dressed as a go-go dancer.  Poor Gerttie was shakin' so bad.....ok, ok, ok, they suckered me into it!  Gerttie didn't win the contest but won my heart :)
But I had their number....I told each one of these kiddos and my UPS man that EVERYONE will share the responsibility of this puppy.............
well, I guess we all know how this story turns out


My Gerttie

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Many blessings ya'll,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

~Decorative element tutorial~

Hey ya'll! 
Well I'm sure if any of you have checked out some of the decorative blogs out there, then you've seen these worn out book bundles.  I've seen a couple of blogs that have tutorials on how to do these also.  So here's my version.
  I actually have the Pottery Barns new catalog and they have them for sale for a whopping $39!  First of all I don't think I could EVER spend $39 on a worn out "book bundle".  Second, why would I when they're so easy to make. 
Here's a picture of the one from the Pottery Barn catalog. 
Book Bundle

and here's where I started......
I just grabbed some old "love story's" from the book exchange.  I hit the .25 stacks so it won't hurt my feelings when I do a little damage to them. 
Easy....easy....just rip the covers and sides off...I kept the title page visible on some of them and one I kept the dedication page visible.....I used my tea bags from earlier today when I made some sweet tea :) Rub the front, sides (all four) and back, then I fanned them out a bit so they would stand up to dry. 
I had the bright idea to burn the edges on one....not sure what I was thinking but I kinda like it....note:  do not try to blow the flame out on the book it will make it burn more....duh, Laura! 
I've seen them wrapped in twine but I didn't have any so I grabbed some ribbon and went to town with that! 
I've had this "hope angel" book mark laying around for a while.  Thought it's be appropriate for Valentines Day coming up.
I already had the basket and the other natural elements (not sure what you really call that stuff) I got from the Dollar Tree.  When you see that stuff in there you better grab it because it'll be gone when you go back!  I grabbed a couple of bags.
There you have it!  Cost me about $3.50....compared to $39 just for the books at Pottery Barn you can't beat it and it only took me about an hour from start to finish.  That's Gerttie in the background and she's teething so I'm pretty sure she's thinking about jumping down and grabbing her a treat from the new pretties basket.  Man!  You gotta watch that little stinker :)

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!
I'll be joining
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Enjoy and many blessings,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday lunch

My UPS man, Mr. MB that is, has yet again turned another year older.....He's been busy, busy and I only get to see him for maybe an hour between jobs so I made a quick little lunch for us along with his favorite cupcakes.
I used my plain old white dishes.  The salad plates are part of a set that my Granny gave me in my hope chest for my 16th birthday.  Needless to say, after many years of moving around, I don't have a whole set any more.  The amber color tumblers are also from my Granny.  The square brown dishes are actually plastic.  I think I got them at World Market during their going out of business sale.  I think they were something like .50 a not?
I got the napkins and rings from World Market too.

These bottles were Big Momma's (my husbands grandma).  She was all of 6'2" tall and ran a boarding house for many years and could grow any and every vegetable you could think of and everyone called her Big Momma.   I'm not sure what the bottles were used for but they are old and chipped.  I like them like that....plenty of character :)

I had to throw in a splash of blue for color.  

The cow cream and sugar holders are also from Big Momma's.  Poor little creamer cow is missing part of it's tail. 

Of course the birthday cupcakes.  They won't last long.....not around here. 
 I've been seeing a lot of bloggers scrunching up fabrics and table runners so here's my try on it.  If you remeber a while back I had purchased a whole box of fabric samples off Ebay and this was one of my fav's from the box.  I wish there was enough to make some valances for the kitchen windows but not quite   :(

I think creamer cow is asking for some cupcakes too.  Didn't realize how funny it looks until I downloaded it on the computer  :)

Hope you all enjoyed my tablescape this week.  I'll be joining Ms. Susan at BNOTP for her Tablescape Thursday.  Stop on over and check out some beautiful tabels.

Many blessings ya'll,