Friday, April 6, 2012

He is risen!

Happy Easter weekend!

Hey y'all, 
It's been a busy week over here but no complaints cause it's been blessings all around ;)

Of course been doing lots of sewing and monogramming and hoping to do some Easter fun stuff with the kidos but haven't yet.  There's still time!

My friend's daughter just had the first grandbaby and she's quite adorable.  Her aunt is in the Air Force and they're calling her Aunt Nene, so I whipped up a little something special for little Annsley to remember her Aunt Nene (Christine).

My mom car pools to church during the week nights with a few other widower ladies and they all had a fit over moms hidden pocket key chain I made a year or so ago, so Easter Sunday they're getting a little treat from mom.  Hope they enjoy!

My painting skills are definitely lacking and in need of some serious dusting off!!!!  Made this hair bow holder for a parent at my old daycare.  I've not gotten to see her new little one until today and she literally jumped in my arms!  She was absolutely precious and could possibly be a new Monogram Boutique model in the future :)

Of course i've been clickin' through Pinterest and this Peeps flower arrangement is just adorable but wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house.  Honestly it more than likely wouldn't get finished because I would have to stop and eat one Peep for every Peep I "wasted" on the arrangement. lol
I love this but I wouldnt be able to control myself around all those peeps :(

How cute is this!  My birthday was on Easter one and only one year and my mom made me and my sister (whos birthday is 2 days after mine) a cake shaped like a bunny rabbit.  I'll never forget it :)

These are so cute and just sums it up, for He IS risen!

Hope you all have a wonder Easter and enjoy your moments with your family and friends!

Many blessings,

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mississippi artist said...

So glad you are back.Looks like you have been busy with all your projects!