Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The best Cherry Limeade EVER!

Yes when I think of "happy hour" it doesn't involve margaritas with the gals after a long day.  It involves getting to Sonic between 2 & 4 for half price drinks and buying the ever so delicious Route 44 cherry limeade.
It's scrumptious :)

Soooooo being on a budget and being a mom who feels guilty if I go to Sonic without the kids but can't go with them because they want to order EVERYTHING, I was ecstatic when I found this recipe on Pinterest & believe me it really does taste like the Sonic cherry limeade.

Cherry Limeade
1 - 2 liter bottle Sprite
1 - can limeade concentrate
1 - 10oz jar cherries

Mix the limeade concentrate with the jar of cherry juice (you can add the cherries later if you want).  Pour in the 2 liter bottle of Sprite and "ta-da" instant delight!  The best part is it makes a whole pitcher of this stuff and even though it didn't last one day at my house it it for sure enough to go around a couple :)

I've had a few projects going on around here most of which are sewing and monogramming. I've been making a few of these sleep sacks for the shop & they are as cute as can be :) Well I called them sleep sacks way back when.  I'm not sure what these new moms are calling them.

These little {big} hair bows are so cute that you can't help but smile when you see these big ole bows on top of a teeny tiny baby head.

I've also made up this little birthday crown.  How funny will this be on top of a little cake covered face :)

My UPS man has been busy too cleaning up our yard and doing a lot of tree cutting.  It just makes me a nervous wreck sometimes!!!!! He's only about 50' up in a tree that he's cutting down piece by piece AND it's between 2 houses & an electric box!!! Ugh! I should get hazard pay for just watching! lol

Well, my little man has a music program tonight, he's a spider.  I'll try to get a picture of his spider shirt I made him up sometime this week. So I better get on off of here and get everyone ready.

I hope y'all are having a great week and beautiful weather like we are!

Many blessings,


mississippi artist said...

I have been using this recipe for cherry limeade and it is just like the real thing!

Shelia said...

Oh, wish I could pop over for a glass of that cherry lime aid! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)