Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm back!

Hey y'all!
I feel like i've been gone FOREVER!

Well, I was on a little hiatus and a much needed one at that.  With all the holidays, volunteering at the kids schools, running (or trying to run) mine and my husbands business, along with every day life I just had to take a break and regroup.

I've missed everyone and appreciate all the check in's and well wishes i've received over the past months.

I won't be an every day blogger but if i've got something to show you, i'll pull out all the stops! How's that?

I have been keeping up with you all and reading blogs here and there and some of y'all just don't miss a beat & are absolutely amazing :)

One good thing is business is good so I thought I'd show you a few items i've been working on around here

These peasant dresses are absolutely adorable and look so comfortable and have become very popular this  Spring

I've worked up a matching onesie and pant set for a brother sister duo to use in their Easter pictures :) Why didn't I think of these things when my little ones were still little (physically) and not just little in my mind?

Been making lots and lots of bloomers

And I took a day and organized all my patterns and found I had lots and lots of hand me down patterns from my Granny!  She's 96 years old and is and amazing seamstress and talented quilter.  I'm pulling some out to work on updating them for today's girls!  Maybe do a little color blocking that's so popular this Spring.  We'll see ;)

shark for Bubba
I have to say Potty Barn is like an addiction.  Now my 11 year old daughter can't wait till the kids catalog comes in!  They have these adorable stuffed sharks and man oh man is my son into sharks and all that applies.  Looks like I'm gonna have to work him up a shark here in the near future. 

Ribbon garland for Katrina
My daughter thought this ribbon garland was adorable so I think we're going to be doing a mother/daughter project here soon too.  I'll let you know how that turns out if she lets me survive!  Pre-teen years....need I say more?

Well I hope everyone out there is having a beautiful Spring and enjoying each moment.  I'll be around here and there so check in with me every once in a while!

Many blessings,

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