Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wine Tote Tutorial

Hey y'all!

I've been sooooo MIA!  If anyone has had a daughter get married, I won't have to say any more :)
But I will say the only good thing is my 3 daughters are not close in age so I won't be going through this again any time soon! Well....I better not!

On top of that the little ones have moved on to All Star football and cheer and i'm coaching a younger age All Star cheer squad!  Very proud of the kiddos and happy for them but i'm ready for a break!

In between all this and that I have done a few projects.  One being this wine tote.  It's very easy to make and even easier to give it an up-do and personalize if you want.

You'll need 
1/2 yard cotton fabric for the exterior and handle
1/2 yard cotton fabric for the interior and handle lining
1/2 yard of insulated batting (I used the car headliner material. Same thing they make Koozies out of)
thread, scissors, pins and all that implies :)
Cut a 15" square from each fabric and batting/insulated material
Cut a 3"x10" from each fabric (for handle)

Baste the exterior fabric to your insulated piece or batting
Sew the right sides of the handle pieces together along one long edge.  Press out the seam. Fold the opposite edges in by 1/2" and press.  Then fold the wrong sides together and pin to hold in place.  

Edge stitch along both edges for a neat finish and sew 2 more rows evenly through the middle.

Fold the exterior piece (the piece with the batting/insulation) with right sides together.  Stitch along the side and bottom.

Fold the lining right sides together.  Stitch along the bottom and stitch the side but leave about a 5" opening so you can turn the finished bag right side out.

With the lining right sides together, fold the corners out in the shape of a triangle.  Make sure you center the side seam with the bottom seam.  From 1 3/4" of the corner along the center seam, mark it.  Stitch along this mark, repeat the opposite side and them trim off excess.

Do the same on the exterior bag piece,
Center one end of the handle over the exterior bag seam and pin.
Then pin the opposite end of the handle along the center of the opposite side of the exterior bag. Baste the handle on both sides.

Slide the exterior piece of the bag (right side facing out) into the interior piece (with the wrong side facing out) so the right sides of the 2 bags are together.  Match up the edges and side seams (make sure the handle is tucked in) Pin and stitch around the top edge.

Pull the right side of the bag through the opening you left in the lining seam. 
Hand stitch the opening closed and slip the lining into the bag.

Press the bag out and stitch along the top edge.

I sewed my Monogram Boutique tag on the inside of the handle but if you're making for a Christmas or hostess give would be cute to hand stitch out a little "To" and "From" message on the inside handle also.
Jazz it up a little with a row of tassels along the top edge or personalize with a monogram.  

Note:  if you're going to do the monogram don't center your monogram, you'll want to stitch it to the far left or far right.  I didn't do that the first time around :(

These make really cute hostess gifts for the holidays or make one for yourself and throw away the brown paper bag you've been toting your favorite wine around in! lol

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

The totes look great and are nice for the holidays! Thanks for sharing:@)