Monday, August 29, 2011

Princess + Ghost = AMAZING

Hey y'all!

I have to tell you it's been hard, very hard on my family the last couple of weeks.  School started back up on the 4th, football practice is in full swing, I somehow got suckered into being my daughters cheer coach (btw i'm not a cheerleader) and to top it off, we've had some major family issues are going on.  Y'all just pray for us all.  I'm usually a pretty strong mom, friend, daughter and person in general but this has really been stressing me out and testing my faith.

Yep, so move on!  My momma always said "I promise you if you throw yourself a pity party no one will come"......ok at 8, 13 and maybe even 20 something I didn't get it but now I do.  ;)

SOOOOO let's sew or craft :)

I saw this on Pinterest and had to make one!!! These are by far not the best directions but it does the job.

Forgive the pictures as I am not a photographer.

You're gonna need white tulle, thin elastic, ribbon, white ribbon and some black fabric scraps (sewing machine optional).
For this project I made it to fit a little one who's about 15 months old and is wearing 12mths clothes.  The chest measurement was 21" and from under the arm to the floor is 23".  You'll want to measure the little ones chest and from underneath arm to floor.  

I had the tulle already bought on a roll so I used that but you can purchase it by the yard and cut into 2" strips.  I cut around 55 40" strips.  

Cut the elastic a 1" to 1 1/2" smaller than the chest measurements.  

I double knotted the elastic and also run a few hand stitches through the knot for support but you can machine stitch it together if you like.

I put my elastic around a book (yes Martha) to make it a little easier for me.  

Take a strip of tulle and fold in half.
Run the folded end under the elastic or ribbon and pull the loose ends up through the folded loop. 

Tighten it up but not too tight, just enough to keep it secure.

Keep on keepin' on till you get all the way around.

Find where you want the front to be and you can either knot the ribbon that ties around the little ones neck or you can do a quick machine stitch or you can leave the halter ribbon off.

Next you'll want make the eyes and mouth.  I just drew out some shapes on a piece of paper and pinned on the netting to see how the size and placement looked.  I did have to play around with the size a bit.
Cut out the eyes and mouth with your scrap fabric.
I hand stitched the fabric on one top layer of netting to 1st make sure it looked ok and 2nd to keep it secure before applique stitching.  You can leave it hand stitched or add some fray check and glue onto the netting.  You can also glue a little piping trim around the edges to cover up any fray.  I preferred to run an applique stitch around the edges.
When you get done, try it on the little one to make sure the length is good.  Trim it up if you need too but don't make it too perfect, she is a little ghost :)  My little "fill in" princess wasn't too happy with me or anyone that day :( but she's still cute!

So there you have a little ghost fit for a princess!

Hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Many blessings,

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