Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things that made me happy today

Hey y'all!

I don't know about you but it's hotter than hades around here!  I think i've told you about signing up to be my daughters coach for her cheer team.....what was I thinking!
We had our first practice today and the girls are just as sweet as can be but man oh  man was it hot out there.  I wasn't even doing much and in the shade and I came out drenched!

All I can say is i'm glad I went this morning and got all my hair cut off, like around 16 inches.  When I got done it looked like a sasquatch lying in the floor! LOL  It sure does feel better though.

I mean look at this mess!!!! It's just ri-DQ-lous that I let my hair get this long and scraggly! That hot mess just gets thrown up in a pony tail ALL THE TIME! My MIL was a hair dresser for 30 something years and had her hair shop in the basement, so my UPS man grew up around women changing their hair a LOT and here I am barely getting it cut once a year!

I just wanted to show you some things I picked up today that just made my week :)

My Lilly organizer came with Mr. Brown today!   I *heart* Lilly and organization :)

I got a $10 off $10 or more coupon from Pier 1.  I never go there cause I just about want EVERYTHING and can't afford it but I thought i'd look and I'm glad I did cause I hit the clearance sections and found these cool things.

A candle :) who doesn't like candles?

These cute butterfly drawer knobs.  I think i'm going to somehow mount them in the bathroom to hang towels and robes on.

These place mats....these beauties were only .98 each.  You can't even buy fabric like that and make yourself for that price!

This is my favorite....I am in love with these wine glasses.....i'm going to drink EVERYTHING out of them, especially wine ;) lol

My most favorite moment of the day is that out of all these things I only spent like $4 after my coupons and discounts :)  Now that makes me happy!

Anyway, I hope to have a couple more posts this week/weekend, things are just hectic during the Summer months and school is starting next week it's a mad rush to get things in order and the kiddos ready for another year!

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Thanks for visiting and y'all stay cool out there :)

Many blessings,


Delaney said...

Great Pier 1 finds & of course, Lily is always fab!

Anonymous said...

Hi, please show us yourself with a new hairdo. I guess you must look amazing. And did you take a photo of you hair on the floor? I want to see that sasquatch. :-)