Monday, July 11, 2011

Homemade Salsa

Hey y'all

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We had a house full of kids and doing what we can to try and beat the heat.  It's a losing battle right now!
I don't know about y'all but I'm fixing to just get in the pool and stay there! lol!

Here's a few pics of our weekend :)

Friday I took my hubby with me on my usual Walgreens run so he could see how I get "free stuff".  This was about $120 worth of items and I ending up spending $35.  He was impressed :)

Saturday I had to drop a couple of pillowcase dresses I had made for my friends little girl.  The pink and zebra was her favorite and it is awfully cute.  
Katrina wanted me to make her a bandanna halter top....that took me all of like 3 minutes to make....that's the kind of projects I love!
Hayley and Katrina....the wig makes her look like the girl on the Doodlebops and kinda creeps me out.

Every year I try to can some home made salsa, even though it usually doesn't last very long, it's well worth it in my house!

Sunday I made us some salsa.  I put up 5 pints and 3 quarts.  Note that one pint is missing already! lol!

Daddy made a tire swing too and that's the first thing Bubba goes and gets on in the pick up off the side of the street investment we've ever made!

Oh and isn't he the most handsomest grandson ever! :)

Well that's about all for me....I've been looking at my posts and notice i've almost hit 100 posts!!!  I think I just might do a little give away when I achieve this daring feet, so make sure you come back this week :)

Many blessings,


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

The halter tops are adorable and the salsa looks great! Stay cool:@)

xinex said...

Your grandson is such a cutie! Oooo, I want so me of that salsa right now! You are so talented making all those dresses and tops, Laura....Christine

mississippi artist said...

I want to make salsa this year. I just got through doing fig preserves and still have 3 quarts of figs in the fridge with no end in sight!! Is your salsa recipe fairly easy?