Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer fun

Hi ya'll!

Whew it's been a long two weeks and even longer weekend.  While some would relish in a long weekend it's not so fun when you're playing nurse to a loved one.

My sweetie's first day back to work since our vacation ended him up in the hospital with an emergency appendix surgery.  Unfortunately it was a little worse than what they originally thought once they got him into the OR and he had to spend a couple more days in the hospital than we'd hoped.  Any way he's home and slowly moving around and looks like he'll be outta work for about a month.  These kids are going to drive him nuts!!!!! lol!

Thankfully we are praising God that this did not happen while we were on vacation the week before.  That would have been a mess that I don't think I could have survived myself!

Well I know i've been MIA for a while so I thought i'd show you some vacation pictures!  We did absolutely NOTHING but eat, sleep, swim and relax (and not necessarily in that order).
We did take a hike one day.  Lord it was hot!!!
These caves/caverns (not sure what to call them) were pretty awesome.  My older daughter, Hayley, is not fond of birds so she was constantly duckin' and weavin'!  That was probably the funniest :)

Playing basketball :)

We also went to the marina and fed the fish.  None of us wanted to get on the boat so we just fed the "starving" fish.  They are a trip!!! You can hold your hand or foot down there and they come up, mouth wide open thinking you're about to feed them!  The water level was about 20ft over normal so we couldn't swim in the swimming area but that's ok we enjoy the pool more anyway and I can't swim so it makes everyone nervous when I get out there in the lake water with a noodle.  Last year my hubby tied a rope to my wrist and the boat so if I floated away he would pull me back in.  It was pretty funny :)  I'm all about a good laugh!
Here's a view from the pool area.
And this is what I did!  Relaxing with a drink and my pink flamingo straw with my pool hat! I also got a little reading done.  I have been saving my copy of Gone With A Handsomer Man for just this occasion and it was well worth it!!!

Well ya'll i'm gonna get in here and fix some soup for my sweetie.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Kristin said...

Laura~ Hope he is all back to normal real soon!

mississippi artist said...

No, you will be the one that is crazy-taking care of an invalid and trying to keep the children in check.LOL!!I have never wanted to take a vacation in the heat of the summer-or the cold of winter either! I love a spring or early fall get away myself.