Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We made it to the end of school!

Hey ya'll!

Well i've been MIA for a while.  It's been the last couple of weeks of the kids school and so much going on with both of them I just took a little break and helped out at school as much as I could.

I first have to say, praise God it has finally stopped raining and the Mississippi river is slowly but surely going down.  We've escaped flooding and property damage but most around us have lost everything or close to it including their jobs.  Truly sad and much prayers needing to be sent their way.
Bubba's class finally got to go on their zoo field trip.  It got cancelled 2 times because of all the rain we've had lately.  This was his first trip ever to the zoo.  I don't know how that happened because I love the zoo but in all his 6 little years of life, he hasn't gone, until now :) 
We had a blast!  Daddy (my ups man :) went too.  We had another group of 2 boys and mom hang with us and the boys were running and full of energy.  When we were about to drop and she said "I wish I had some of that energy.  I bet a girl group would have been easier to keep up with" I told her "yeah but they would have had to make 8 bathroom stops, several meltdowns and complaints about being tired and hot....I'll take a boy group any day over the girls!"  lol
Anyway, here's a few pics of our little zoo trip :)
There were so many beautiful plants and trees there.  Not sure what the little white flowering plant was but it covered the ground around the walkways and I loved it. There was also a fern-looking tree that was really pretty.  Of course my favorite, weeping willow tree (I need one of these) and we walked by this waterfall just about the time I wanted to jump in it! lol!!
This gorilla didn't look so happy.  There was a worker standing by that said the gorilla hates to be stared at and one day there were a couple of policemen in uniform standing with their arms crossed just looking and it had charged the window several times.  Said it felt threatened.  Bubba got close and it barely moved and he backed away and was ready to move on.  And I thought my UPS man had big hands!!! The sea lion show was pretty awesome too.  Then, my favorite, the panda bear.  Poor fella was sitting so funny and swaying back and forth.  Looked like he had a rough night and was sporting a little hangover! LOL! I couldn't stop laughing at it!
At my daughter, Katrina's school I filled in during teacher appreciation day.  The PTO got together and had the kids send in recipes of their favorites and printed up a cookbook for each individual teacher.  They turned out really nice. They also had a local pottery company come in and the kids painted tiles that are going to be put throughout the school.  They also had a Spring Festival and each class had to put together a basket.  Our room had a baby boy theme. I made up some burp cloths, a onesie, bibs, a monogrammed happy birthday banner and diaper cake with piggy bank topper along with a gift certificate to my etsy shop.
Ms. Olive Branch came by and judged the baskets and woo hoo our basket won!  Nothing like stressing out trying to put something together and in the end it's a big hit.  All in all the baskets raised around $900 and our winning basket won the class an ice cream party!  That's pretty awesome! 
Mother's day weekend Katrina had a birthday party with her friends at the Mud Monkey pottery place.  Her little friend Madie is in love with Elvis, yes people Elvis, not Justin Bieber.  It's the craziest thing.  Her parents got an Elvis impersonator to come and sing to her.  He didn't look much like Elvis (unless it would be a much, much, much older skinner Elvis) but he sure could sing!  I can't forget that my little (big) grandbaby came to stay with me Mothers Day weekend.  I haven't got to see him since Christmas and he's just about grown now :(  They grow up so fast and I hate that they don't live closer.  He's such a good baby and is walking now and in desperate need of a hair cut but momma says not till he's one.  So we've got about another month to go!  I have to say a big congrats to his momma, my oldest daughter Cadey, she just got her exam notice in the mail and has passed her CNA test!  I know it's the first step of many for her but i'm still proud for taking great steps to make a better life for her and her family :)  Next step RN and I know she can do it!
We are ready for Summer to begin around here, even though I refuse to turn on the air conditioner (our Summer electric bill last year was $400...I almost died)!  Bubba and Katrina have football practice and cheerleading again.  Katrina has informed me that she wants to be Ms. Olive Branch so looks like we're going to have to get pageant ready, that of which I know absolutely nothing about.  My Hayley will be entering her Senior year of high school and this Summer we will hopefully be touring a couple of campuses and filling out "please take me and give me a full scholarship" applications along with getting her Senior pictures taken, my Cadey is also going to be getting married October 22nd and I've designed and am making her wedding gown and cake.  We will be leaving for vacation in June and going back to the condo at the lake and I for one can't wait!  I told my UPS man that I didn't care if we just sat at the pool all week it would be a week away from everything and a week to just relax! 

This is going to be a busy, busy summer but full of new beginnings and experiences.  So if you don't see me around as much, I'm still here and I do check you guys out as often as I can, sometimes so much I get lost in the time!  I must improve on my time management skills and learn to actually get out of my pj's some days! LOL!

Hope you all are doing well and hanging in there!

Thanks for stopping by and many blessings,


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Glad to hear it's drying out! The pic in the tree is really neat, looks like you all had a fun trip to the zoo. Sounds like you have a very busy summer ahead of you-enjoy:@)

mississippi artist said...

Looks like you have a busy summer. Life does have a way of getting in the way of blogging LOL!!Do check in once in a while though!