Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sewing, sewing and more sewing

Hey ya'll!
Just thought i'd take you on a little tour of what i've been doing for the last week.........sewing.

I love to sew, embroidery, monogramming all that good stuff but i've been worn out!

My daughters school is having a Spring Festival next weekend and each room had to do a themed basket to be silent auctioned off and guess who's room mom!  Woo Hoo!

Normally this would not phase me but I got the "baby boy" theme and is there really anything cute you can do for little boys?  It's hard, believe me.  Hard to find something boyish that's neutral so people will want to bid on.
So for the basket I made this Happy Birthday banner on my embroidery machine out of an old sheet and old pair of jeans.....it did take FOREVER but turned out really cute so now i'm gonna have to make some personalized ones to hang in the kids rooms (adding to my mile long "to do" list).
Also added like 6 of these burp cloths and "little man" onesie.  I also made a bib that says "Chicks dig me" with an embroidery of a little chick and diaper cake with a little blue piggy bank topper but didn't take a picture of it :(  Hopefully the PTO did and i'll try to post it on here later.  I hate it when I do that!

I've also been trying to get enough items made up to have a booth at the city's Spring Arts and Crafts Fair.  It's right on old town square where all the little antique shops are and literally 2 blocks from my house.  So I had made some pillowcase dresses with little Easter themes and as fast as I could make them someone was wanting one.  I shall not complain :)
Here's my friends little girl (my new model).  She's as cute as can be....look at all those curls :)
Her favorite dress was the "Hanging with my peeps" dress....it is pretty cute.
I happen to like this one the most...it's Amy Butler fabric and I made a matching hair bow too.
My nieces little girl is all country but I took some to her this weekend to see if she wanted one and she didn't want any part of it.  Guess I shoulda made one in camouflage LOL.  Her Nanno (my SIL) picked this one out for her.  That was actually made from fabric my Granny used when she was still quilting.  She gave me bags and bags of fabric!  I've been trying to go through and use what I have on hand instead of buying more but it is oh so hard :(
Here's a hair bow for my daughter for the 4th of July.  I always do some piece of clothing for my youngest daughter for 4th of July. 
This is her when she was a baby with her 1st 4th of July dress I made her :)
I made this one in Mississippi Bulldog colors for my older daughter.  Ring the bell ya'll!!!!!  This happens to be her college of choice :)  We'll see....she's in a slump right now and doesn't know what she wants anymore and I'm trying not to stress but it's coming fast!  They do have a mind of their own.

Anyway, in between all of these things I'm trying to make a family quilt for my mom for mothers day....doesn't look like that's gonna happen :( but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway and my sweet UPS man is working on building my a real sewing/crafting area....I of course am happy with a piece of plywood on 2x4's and a chair but he's got the itch so i'm letting him scratch :)  I'll let you know how this turns out!

So that's where i've been ya'll....I haven't disappeared although if you I ever do it will be to somewhere quiet and sunny....this weather around her is the pits :p (another night tonight of thunderstorms and tornado watches! BOO!)

Have a great Tuesday!

Many blessings,


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Laura that is so cute!

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Waste not, want not.