Monday, March 28, 2011

They say it's my birthday!

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Thank you Mr. Paul McCartney!

Yes, yes, yes it's my old you may ask? Well old enough to have a grandbaby but too young to have one. Hahahahhahaha!  Is that not dancin' around the subject? 
I'm 39 ya'll.....I still think i'm 28 but my body doesn't go along with that :)

Yes i'm an 80's girl.  My husband is slightly younger than me and he always tells me "It must have been AWESOME to rock out in high school to all those 80's songs with your hair all teased up".  I mean really, I truly don't think the whole 80's look will ever come back but if it does, trust me, i'll be quite prepared! LOL
Yeah, that's me with the poofy hair and all!  This was on vacation with my parents....I think I was like 15 here.  GAH!!!!!
Ugh!  Excuse the bad habit I was posing with here and i've totally kicked that bad habit for almost a year now!  GO ME!  Another lovely hair style and my friend in the background with the big perm hair!

This is me and my high school BFF Leslie.  Yeah, that's right, we rocked those weekends!  LOL!  We had soooo much fun, sometimes too much fun, back in the day!  I will say that Facebook has absolutely let me reconnect with friends that i've lost touch with over they years and Leslie is one that i'm truly happy to have found again :)

All that being said, if you've been following me for very long you know that i've been on a year of firsts since last Summer.  You can read about some of that here.  Blog land is one of my firsts and has landed me some pretty lovely friends!  I can always take a little stroll to Ms. Ginger at Savannah Granny and get the best feeling, like i'm sittin' there yippin' and yappin' with my favorite Aunt Sue (i'll have to show her to ya'll soon) or drop on over to Daph's at Flip Flops & Pearls and she's like my BFF blog friend, even though she doesn't know it yet! Sorry Daph if it's a little creeper! LOL!  Of course when I peek in at Stonegable with Ms. Yvonne, I feel she's rekindled my dedication to family and home and I honestly don't think I could ever repay her.  Then there's Melissa at A Little Loveliness, she's the reason I started blogging, just a random web search for a dress pattern lead me to Melissa.  Her commitment to her family and faith through a lot of ups and downs kept me coming back every day and all lead me here........with all of you! :)

Sorry ya'll, I usually don't dwell on me, myself and I too much but it's my birthday so I thought "what the heck!"

If I haven't lost all respect of my followers with these old pics and my ramblings, then come on back later this week for my birthday giveaway!

Thank you all for the many, many, smiles, advice, laughter, inspiration and support i've received over the last half year!

Many blessings,

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