Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~Spring Break Gardening~

Hey ya'll!
Sorry i've been a little MIA the last week.  It was spring break for the kiddos around here and for some reason they demand attention.  Imagine that :)  I've still been dropping by all of your blogs and keeping up with you all!
It was a beautiful week last week, with the exception of the first couple of days with clouds and rain, so we stayed outside most of the time.  Thank goodness!  You can't keep two active kids locked up for too long.
My UPS man finished up working on a go-cart for the kids and then finished tilling up the garden.  That makes me extremely happy :)
Katrina brought home a cabbage plant from school and we planted it.  She is supposed to keep up with watering and weeding it and has a log to fill out.  When (hopefully if) it grows then we send in a picture of it and she could win a $1000 scholarship.  I'm all about trying for some free money. 
Grow cabbage, grow!!!!!
We also planted peppers and my BIL told me that it was too soon because the farmers almanac said it was going to snow again!  I could have choked him but I told him he and those farmers were wrong (I hope).  I do have my tomatoes growing inside right now.

My Hayley is on spring break this week so we are hanging out and making a few alterations on her prom dress....BOO!!! You'd think as much money as you have to spend on prom dresses they would come with their own seamstress!

Katrina's sleepover/birthday party is Friday evening.  She's been waiting for this for 3 weeks.  We had to wait till the end of the month because everyone was going out of town for the spring break.  I'm not sure how i'm going to survive the night so maybe you can send a few prayers my way :)

I'll be back later on this week to show you some birthday treats and decorations.

Hope you all are enjoying your week and having some beautiful weather.

Come back and visit anytime!

Many blessings,


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

So glad to hear ya'll have had pretty weather too. It has been gorgeous here, but yes, too early to plant those tomatoes and peppers. Hubby did plant some corn seed because it was time. Oh by the way, you do know that you have to go out and talk to that cabbage plant everyday don't you? LOL, my granny use to talk to her plants and she could grow anything and everything and make it beautiful!

mississippi artist said...

The hub has the garden ready toplant almost.He is building a cage with netting for his tomatoes-those pesky squirrels you know. I have a fear that we are going to have more bad weather also-I do hope I am wrong, but I am a little scared to plant too.

Theresa said...

Just wanted to say THANKS for the sweet comment yesterday. I love seeing kids outdoors. Seems like these days a lot of them want to play indoor tv/computer games. Free MoNeY!!! Good Luck, hope she wins!!!

Peace, Love & Decorate

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Hi Miss Laura! So nice to see you these days...I have been crazy busy too. My boys do not have off for Spring break for a couple of weeks...
Oh boy prom dresses, glad I do not have to think about that. Enjoy the weekend.

xinex said...

Good luck on thew cabbage. Hope she wins. So nice that they are taking an interest in gardening and that you got to spend time with them...Christine