Thursday, March 10, 2011

Margarita pillow

Hey ya'll!
Hope everyone had a great week and looking forward to a wonderful weekend.
I think we're finally gonna get some warmer weather and sunshine around here :)  Yay!!!
Us girls got some prom dress pickin' up to do and my little fashionista, Katrina, who just celebrated her 10th birthday this week is itchin' to spend some birthday money, so it's lookin' like a trip to Justice and probably a shoe store or two......ugh!

So I just wanted to show you a quick little pillow I threw together for a friend of mine.  I affectionately call her Gilligan (I'm Skipper of course).  She had this little jersey t-shirt with Margarita - Cancun Mexico on it and has a friend named Margarita (how cool is that name?!!!!) and wanted me to make a little something out of it for a gift for Ms. Margarita.

Now the shirt was the size my 10 year old would wear.  Why do they make them that small?  Is there really an adult out there that can wear this size?  OH!!!! We were at the SA and found a shirt in Katrina's size that said "Hustler. Hard core since 1974"....I mean really?  Come on!  And the worst part is it was in the children's size 8 and 10 section!!!!!  What in the hickety heck are these people thinking and who's house did it come from and for the love of all things fashion and moral, someone please tell me they didn't let their child wear that shirt!!!!!
Geez!!!! off track.  I tend to get a little upset at these tween clothes they sell now-a-days. 

Anyway, so here's the shirt, some dark pink fabric I had lying around and a pillow form.

I cut around the rhinestones in no exact pattern.  I wanted to cut out a shape of a Margarita glass but it wasn't looking right when I traced it out  :(
I folded the pink fabric and cut it the size of the pillow form plus 1 inch.
I then satin stitched in electric blue (I love that color)  around the scallops onto the pink fabric (sorry didn't have that pic).

Turned right sides together and serged around leaving the bottom open.
Turn right side out and put the pillow form in.  Then stitched about 1/2 inch around the edges with the same electric blue color closing up the bottom.
Turned out really cute :)

But this is what's really cute :) :)
My sweetie opening her presents.  That's her tiara I made for her to wear to school.  I have an embroidery design that does it all in the hoop and you just add the ribbon.  There's also one that's a full rounded crown.  I'm gonna to my little grandson one for his 1st birthday.
Her cake and some B&R bubble gum ice cream!  She helped me decorate it.  It was her first time using the piping bag.  I think it was a little bit harder than what she thought it was going to be but she had fun trying.

Well thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Many blessings,


Anita said...

Oh she is so cute!! I totally know about the clothing thing with them! I hate the way a lot of new shirts are cut for them. They are so tight my 4-year-old could wear them , lol. The cake looks toooo good to! Thanks for stopping by!

xinex said...

Your daughter is a cutie! Happy birthday to her! Love the pillow...Christine

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a cute pillow and your daughter is precious! Happy Birthday and her cake looks great!