Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Table top

Well maybe not a table top but how about my kitchen counter top.

I've dug out the Easter decorations and I forgot I had a trillion bunnies and how cute they were.  I shoulda dug them out sooner and maybe it woulda brightened the house up some since we've been in the middle of a torrential downpour for the last week! :p

Here's the little corner of my counter next to the double oven built-in.  I usually have all my fruits and veggies hanging out there.
Ms. Bunny looks like she's ready to plant a little welcome sign in her carrot garden.
I love my little chick bowl.  It's holding a globe wine stopper, which was a present from A good friend. 
Fresh lemons....I LOVE anything lemon and have to have fresh ones on hand all the time, especially for my sweet tea :)

This is my herb crusher and as you can see I really do use it.  It works amazingly good for fresh herbs.

And my Happy Easter carrot!

I hope you all enjoyed my counter top.  I'm joining Ms. Marty's party at A Stroll Through Life for her Table Top Tuesday.  Hope I don't get thrown out for a technicality!  Just kiddin' ya'll, she'd never do that, she's much too sweet!

Come on over and join me.

Hope you had a happy Monday!

Many blessings,

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xinex said...

Your bunnies and your chick bowl are so cute, Laura. Perfect for spring and Easter...