Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bargin shoppin'

Hey ya'll!
How's every ones week going?  We're doing great here.  Had a couple of bad thunderstorms come through our way this weekend and early Monday morning and I just have to give a praise to God that they passed us over! Yay!!!
Us girls had a little shopping excursion this weekend.  We were on the prowl for a prom dress for my Hayley and low and behold we found one!  BONUS!  She is definitely not a good shopper.  She doesn't like trying on clothes or picking out anything.  Give her a pair of jeans, t-shirt and flip flops and she's good to go.  Unfortunately that's not prom attire.  Now you give my little Katrina free reign and she's all about the shopping, the clothes and oh my the shoes!  That girl loves her some shoes!  Here's how the prom dress shopping went.....
Mom (aka me) "Well let's look around and find you something"
Hayley "Mom I really don't care, can't I just wear my jeans"
Mom "Fine by me, it'll save me a buck or two!"
Hayley "Ugh! Keke (aka Katrina) come here and find me a prom dress"
Katrina "Ooooo this one is so pretty, how about this one and this one....Ah!  This one is pink!  I love pink.  My prom dress is going to be pink and short....Just like THIS ONE!!! MOMMA loooooook!  My prom dress!"
Hayley "Momma please!"
Mom "I's the credit card....good luck"

That's the long and short of it.  We did find a dress and she looked beautiful in it!
This is her dress but in black :)
  Riva Designs Beaded Halter Prom Dress 7462A
I'm so excited for her and I can't wait to see her all dolled up!  What I can wait for is my little Katrina going off to prom but bless her little 9 year old heart, she thinks she's ready!

After we left there we had to stop by the thrift store and I found dishes, dishes and more dishes!  My mood brightened tremendously!

I found these Mikasa dishes in the Primrose pattern.  A large serving platter and 4 dessert size plates.

Regal China dishes in Rosedale pattern.  4 salad size plates and 4 dessert size and 2 smaller ones, maybe bread plates but not sure

Sango China in Dawn Mist pattern.  I found 8 salad, 8 dessert and 2 bowls.

Not sure what this little tub with "The Plaza" is for but I loved's going in the bathroom to hold some pretty soaps or something.  It was only .59 so why not?

I also found this brass bowl.  I really like it but need to figure out how to clean this baby up.  Not sure what it was used for but the engraving on the bottom says "made in India", so I'll just imagine it was used for something exotic!

And Mom got all this (plus a few what-nots that little Katrina picked up for her room....I believe I'm nourishing her addiction! Ahhhhhh!!!!) for a grand total of $23.60!  I felt entitled seeing as how I spent $400 for a prom dress.  Ugh!  Kinda makes my stomach turn just a little....small......slow......breaths......

Anyway, we've been doing more purging and picking out paint colors, flooring for the kitchen (this part excites me to no end) and I've been sewing my little heart out :)

Hope to have some finished projects to show you all by the end of the week!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and many blessings,


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

That dress is amazing! I also really love the green dishes!

SavannahGranny said...

Sound like you had loads of fun. Well, except for the prom dress, maybe.
The Prom dress is beautiful. Be sure to share pics with us. I hope she will let you. Aww, she doesn't have to know.
You did great on the dishes. I went our GW yesterday didn't do half as well as you. I will share on Friday. Hugs, Ginger

mississippi artist said...

Great dishes, you will be able to mix and match a lot with the salad plates.I bet you did have to take a deep breath over the dress! It is pretty though.