Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~Tabletop Tuesday~

Hey ya'll!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far :) 
Monday I got the kids to school and got called back to get them in like 30 minutes because a blizzard came....I mean seriously.....Come on mother nature! This is the SOUTH!!! Ya know....
I'm Mister Green Christmas
I'm Mister Sun
I'm Mister Heat Blister
I'm Mister Hundred and One

(sorry...that's one of my fav's) anyway me and my UPS man got in the car and headed on up there and it was madness!!!!
~I fell~
~I dropped my phone in the snow~
~The car almost skidded into another car (because I was stupid and thought I could drive in the mess) I quickly got out and let him drive.~
To sum it all up.....7 minutes to get to school the first time + 30 minutes of total learning time at school = 45 minutes of sitting in line at the school to pick up the kids because it was madness!  Madness I tell you, madness!

Anywho-ha.....Thought i'd show you a little table top I set up today....This is usually my spot where I sit at night. 
 The table is old and worn out (I have every intention of painting that sucker....soon). 
I looked through my box of fabric samples that I racked up on around Christmas through Ebay....you can check those out here.  I really like this paisley.  I had this piece of glass from something.  Don't know why I saved it but glad I did now.
I got the brass container this past weekend at the SA.  
The candle holder is really meant for a candlestick but I had this votive holder that fit perfectly on there. Don't know where the candlestick holder came from but it's old and worn, like me :) Don't know if you can tell but has wooden accent on it.
This is a glass flower that my MIL used to collect them from the dollar store.....thought i'd look sweet for Valentines day coming up.
I know the lamp is not so lovely (my "those dishes are ugly" friend gave it to me)....I have a couple of lamps (really 3, 4 or 5) that need to be renovated.  I'll get to it one day and say "Why did that take me so long to do that?"

Well that's all I have for you today.  They're calling for 4 inches of snow starting at 9 in the morning so ya'll cross your fingers that these poor kids don't have to go to school all Summer.

I am writing this as the local news was on and not to far from us two school buses were coming back from Ole Miss loaded with kids taking a Senior trip.  They were side swiped by a tractor trailer truck on a 2-lane road while crossing a bridge.  As of now they only reported 3 killed, the driver of the truck and two adults.  The video footage looks absolutely terrifying and I couldn't even imagine the heartache and stress these family's are going through worrying about their children.  Please keep them all in your prayers.

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Thanks for everyone who dropped on by.  Ya'll have a great night :)

Many blessings,


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how pretty. I love the paisley fabric, it is gorgeous and I am a fan of brass, so naturally I love the floral container and the candlestick. Isn't it fun to have a change in vignettes. So pretty. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Pamela said...

Hi Laura!
Very pretty paisley...I haven't seen that around lately.
Keep warm and stay safe!
Pamela :)

Melanie said...

Hello! I have enjoyed reading your blog and
have chosen you to receive The versatile Blogger award. The instructions are on my blog. Please let me know if you accept! Thanks!