Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deals makes me happy :)

Just thought i'd share some deals I came across this weekend. 
There's a local consignment store and they were having a "Grab Bag" sale.  They give you a bag and you fill it up with whatever you want that's marked with a "red slash" and when you check out whatever is in the bag toatls up to  $15.....sounds great?
OK the bag was like the size of a gallon zip lock and as thin as "John Wayne toilet paper".  If ya'll don't know what "John Wayne toilet paper" is just message me and i'll tell and my friend go with all intentions of shoving everything in the bag we can for her granddaughter and my grandson but come to find out the red slash items were only $1 anyway....I politely just turned my bag in and got what I wanted.

Thinking I didn't get the deal of the century I went ahead and looked around in my daughters size and low and behold I found the jewel!  The deal!!!!! The reason why I only had one cup of coffee because I was rushing out the door to get there in time!!!!!!  The reason I became "Mom of the day" (Mom of the year is farrrrr stretching it around here).
Isn't she lovely......this isn't the deal but a bargin all the same....cute, cute yellow dress and only $5 but makes her feel like a million dollars....ah but this...........
this is the deal.....a Lily Pulitzer dress......with the $78 price tag still on it and I got it for $8!!!!!!! This is by far her favorite and I have to say it is her style and fits her perfect :) :)
Yay me :D

Then we jogged on down to the SA store (our GW store around her isn't so great but the SA store is:)
I found some brass items.....all tarnished up but thinking about doing a little spray painting.....we'll see...and you can't beat the price....everything in that picture was only $3.50
These salt and pepper shakers were really cute
and I found these plates for $1 a piece....I like them and they're etched "made in Italy" on the friend said they were ugly so I bought them.....she gives me her ugly dishes anyway so what does she know :)  you can see those here.....gotta love her

Well ya'll have a great week and come on back anytime!

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Many blessings,


flip flops and pearls said...


Sounds like your hit the jackpot with the Lilly dress! She looks presh!

Hope your week is awesome, D!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you are an awesome bargain shopper. My husband often gets frustrated at me becuase I wont buy things if they are not on sale or clearance. It is the only way to shop!

SavannahGranny said...

Great Deals! Hugs. Ginger