Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Time out for tea~

With a busy week it seems there is no time for anything.....then today I said to myself, "self....make some time!"
Most of you out there are probably like me....cold and just about tired of this weather.  I'm for sure going to protest Groundhog day and I won't tell you what Ms. Ginger at Savannah Granny suggested we do to Puxatony Phil!  ;) Just kiddin'!  Nothing harmful or in the felony category, I assure you.  She is absolutely lovely and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

Well here's what I had in mind for my "time out".
So no time for this or that but I made some time for some hot tea and a piece of warm lemon pound cake.
These were some of my MIL's dishes. 
They are so delicate I'm almost afraid to use them, so I try to take extra care.
They have these whispery little delicate looking flowers on them and are rimmed around the edges and handles in gold. They are so much fun to use...it's like I'm a little girl having a tea party :)
I'm not sure where I got the tray from but it's fairly new.  You can take the bottom off and insert "whatever" between the glass.  Right now i've got old photos of my UPS man's family.  That's his mom and dad in the middle and Big Momma at the top with her cow....the little cute fella in the bottom left is the UPS man sitting on the front steps of this very house....probably about 33 years ago!  I forgot I had this tray until a few days ago and found it again during my big "purge" so these pics have been in here for a while....believe it's time for something different.
Just adding a little Valentine's love to the table.......I've used these candy boxes throughout the house this year and since I'm on a "whole house purge" kick then they will be filled with special treats for one of the kids class for Valentines Day.....just gotta think of something to put in them {thinking...thinking....thinking.....ouch! too much thinking....must stop}

Well this is just about all I can do for now. I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse of my 15 minuet time out!
Wish you could stop by for some of this cake before I eat it all! 
 I love lemon.....lemon anything!

Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime.

I'll be joining Lady Katherine at Lady Katherine Tea Time for Tea Time Tuesday
Ms. Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Come and join the fun!
Many blessings ya'll


Paula Montalvo said...

Isn't setting a pretty little table scape for an impromptu tea party fun?! I love making something ordinary special and treating myself to something beautiful and"fancy", that costs little to no money! Everything looks lovely, and the cake plate is a great idea for Valentine's day!

mississippi artist said...

Mmm, that looks delicious. Have you ever tried Aunt Bees Mayberry Muffin mix? They have one called lemon ice box pie-to die for. I find it at the grocery or at Dollar General. I see you have a button-please tell me a simple way to make one- I have driven myself crazy trying!

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

Lovely table setting. I love that you used your mother-in-law's dishes, and like, you, I love lemon anything as well. Very nice!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh how pretty -- thank you for setting out your delicate cups just for us! That cake looks delightful

Kristin said...

That looks so pretty. Love your background too!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

So very pretty over here!!~ I am getting ready to do a fun Valentine table soon. I love your valentines under the cloche!

Entertaining Women said...

Had a lovely slice of lemon pound cake earlier this week, so celebrating with you figuratively if not literally. Your MIL's dishes are beautiful...quite unique. Who made them? Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Entertaining Women said...

Had a slice of lemon pound cake earlier this week, so I enjoyed a moment with you figuratively if not literally. Thank you for sharing your moment. Your MIL's china is quite unique...lovely. Who made it? Cherry Kay

Dreamgoddess said...

I've so enjoyed your blog and I'm honored to award you with the Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick up your award on my blog. Enjoy, DG

xinex said...

Love you MIL's tea set, so delicate. Your lemon cake looks so moist and delicious...CHristine

Lady Katherine said...

So glad you took 15 minutes time to spend relaxing with a cup of tea and lemon cake. Love the tray with the old pictures! What a great way to use for vintage things, seasonal, you shall have many uses for this tray. The tea set is lovely! Your MIL Tea set is so different, I never seen one, I know your loving it! Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday!

Anita said...

That cake looks soooo good!! I could take the tea, but I'm trying to stay away from cake thanks to Christmas!! Love the little tea cups too. Thanks for stopping by! I have been planning on showing some photos of costumes, I just need the time to scan them in. They are from the "old" days of actual film!!