Sunday, January 9, 2011

Endless renovations

Our home......let me try to describe it.....old, drafty, antique?  This was my MIL's house.  She willed it to my husband when she passed away a few years back.  We were actually already living here (the back yard to be exact).  We had purchased a ginormous camper and planted it in the back yard, packed us up and two little ones and moved on over here.  She was quite ill and needed a lot of attention, so.........

We are quite attached to this old house.  Especially my's the only house he's really known.  Never lived anywhere else, same state, same city, same home.  I've been around...well I mean I've lived around.  Was in Boston for a bit, Germany for 3 years, Arkansas and now i've landed her in Mississippi.

The house itself was built in 1940.  I'm not sure when my MIL bought it, I think in the mid 60's.  When we decided to try to renovate it (after cleaning through the years of hoarding) the first choice was obvious to us both.....KITCHEN
There wasn't one......more like a hallway with a stove, sink, one row of cabinets with 2 drawers and a massive black vent a hood that looked like it was going to fall and crush my skull in at any moment!

Hold on to your knickers cause i'm fixing to show some very disturbing pictures.....not for the faint of heart.
Vent a hood or apparent death trap.  This thing had to go...without question....that wall was coming down too....If that thing was working and turned on it'd suck a small child up in there! 
We also found a surprise behind the wall...well off to the right of that death trap......a fireplace (pic below)......who knew!!!  We bought a small wood stove and hooked it up to the chimney and voila ~ no gas bill!!!! Lucky for me my husband loves cutting wood and has a side business of tree removal and cutting.  So it works for us! :)  I've thought about painting the brick but don't know how appealing that would look.  What do ya'll think?
The fireplace was plastered over and hidden.........crazy
Old cabinets and windows.  This is where the only row of cabinets was and the sink....the windows wouldn't even open they had been painted over so was rusted out and had to be replaced also.  Thank goodness I married Mr. Handyman himself!
Walls down to the are out!!!!!  Beams up (below pic)!!!!! Who knew you had to put a beam up so the upstairs wouldn't fall through....I didn't.....lucky for us my brother in law frames houses and said "you gotta put a beam up" or we'd be rebuilding instead of renovating :)
I thought we'd never clear out all the dust!  YUCK!  This is what the walls looked like during demo(above pic)....all the walls in the house are like have the studs, then these 1x's that go across and then plaster on top of that and some kind of sheet of plaster then they had paneling up over all is the biggest mess when you're pounding through that junk!
Walls and some of the cabinets are up and installed
OMG!  I came home one day at lunch and there was a window!  It was like heaven....literally the clouds parted and there was harp music playing in the background!
Then window #2 was my surprise when I came home that night!  Did I tell you we were going on the 2nd month of renovation.....WITHOUT A KITCHEN!!!!!
I almost passed out when I got home from work the next day and my double oven that had been sitting in a box for like 3 months was installed!!!!!
And the cabinets done
Ahhhhhhh counter tops

We also installed a black gas counter top stove and black deep set sink.

After 3 months of washing dishes in the bathtub and cooking off a hot plate, griddle and microwave, I promised myself i'd never complain about doing dishes again.

Finally the floors (below).....did I tell you that throughout the house there was carpet.....some rooms there were like 3 and 4 layers of carpet......they just kept putting it on top of each layer instead of pulling it up.....that was the first thing that came out of the house and much to our happiness were perfectly kept hard wood floors!
Except the kitchen!  BOOOOOO!!!!  I haven't decided if I want to sand it down and put a clear coat on it or sand it and paint it a solid color with a painted border.......what do you think?

Whew!  There's so much needed work on this old house, I don't know where to begin.  I became a stay at home mom mid last year and it's taken me a while to get motivated....a long this year, i'm gonna make a list and get busy!

Now i'm scared!

I hope I didn't scare ya'll away with those pictures.....I don't even want to show you the state of the bathroom when we moved in.......ewe!!!

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh it does sound like a ton of work, but how nice to be nearing the end and I know you will have a wonderful kitchen when it is all done. Hugs, Marty

nomoneywilldecorate said...

Wowsa, not a reno for the faint of heart! But the progress looks great :) Can't wait to see the finished product.

Sarah said...

Great pics!! I love the transformation! I can't wait to see what you are doing in the rest of the house!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I would love to renovate an old house but hubby says no. Now let me tell ya, I liked that vent-a-hood. Oooh I would have re-done it (maybe copper color) and just put a be-ware sign up for small children lol. That big ole thing would have been so neat redone! Well anyhoo, good luck with your renovating, can't wait to see it finished.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Lots of work renovating an old home. Not sure what to tell you about the floor. What you have done looks great. Thanks for linking this week.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

What an undertaking but will be so well worth it when it is done!! Can't wait to see more!

mississippi artist said...

Oh my word do you have a job!It seems as if you get one room competely done it does give you motivation to keep going. I just joined so as not to miss any of the fun!Thanks for joining me- I tend to love southern bloggers the most and especially fellow Mississippians. Pick up our Mississippi magnolia belles button and join us other Ms bloggers-we try to get together somewhere every year-lots of fun-you can see pictures of one of our get togethers in some of last summers posts.