Saturday, December 18, 2010

Slowing down in the mad rush!

As most everyone is, I am equally busy around this's crunch time and I can't win for loosing this year.  My fancy 1 year old embroidery machine locked up and I had to take it to the shop (BOO!) and of course they are like on a three day back log (BOO BOO!).  Then I had to leave my laptop with them (because the fancy machine runs off the laptop) and I just about thought I was going to have withdraws!  No embroidery machine!  No laptop!  ARGH!  I felt like Lucy just pulled the football out from under my high kick!
ok......sit down by the wood's ok.....look the Christmas tree is so pretty......ooooo is that the Dolce and Gabbana commercial with Matthew Mcconaughey....i'm starting to feel better now.....that man makes my teeth sweat!
I have to stop and regroup.  Stop.  Pray.  I feel better.  God is good.....every day.
Go back and get the laptop until they can take a look at my machine next week. 
Call my last 2 orders and offer them something else in exchange for what I was unable to finish for them.  They were great and totally understood (note to self, remember to give them a little "happy" for being so understanding when most would not have been).

ok look around, there's many things going "right" this week!  awe, Bubba made me his first Christmas gift from school....I love it (even though it's glittered beyond belief!)  I promised him I would take a picture of it and "put it on the internet". 
 I thought i'd share a couple of "firsts" since I took a look back at this year and as my first blog reads....this year is a year of "firsts".  My youngest child's first day of school.  First football game, first cheerleading game.  First time being a stay at home mom by choice.  First time being a grandma...g-ma lala :).  First time blogging and many, many, first time blogland friends!

Here's Bubba going to his first school Christmas party.  This week they got to do different "fun" things like silly sock day and today was silly hat day.  He wanted to wear his daddy's reindeer hat (yes it really is daddy's).  I just wanted to share a few pictures of some fun ornaments that my kids made this year and are added to the tree.  Bubba (aka Jackson) brought home some cool things and he wants me to save EVERY piece of paper and craft he makes and for the most part I do.  He was very proud of his Santa hand print ornament and it had to go immediately on the tree.

Here's two ornaments that Bubba got from his Kindergarten teachers.  Ms. Dancy and Ms. Jennifer.  His class is Dancy's Dragonflies so the dragonfly ornament is very fitting as is the big dump truck ornament Ms. Jennifer gave him with his name. 
Here's a little angel from my little angel, Katrina.  And me and Katrina at her classroom party yesterday.  I'm her room mom this year so we had a big ol' time at her classroom Christmas party.  I had the kids make snowmen ornaments out of spoons, reindeer food and they ate cupcakes and juice.  They also made Christmas cards that got sent to the Walter Reed Medical Center for the wounded soldiers that are there in recovery.   
Does anyone remember these!  The shrink-it ornaments?  We used to do these when I was younger.  I didn't think they made them anymore but I found these packets last year at Michael's on clearance and picked them up.  You just color with colored pencils and put in the oven.  Then in about 4 minuets they shrink up and get hard.  The first set we did we forgot to poke the holes in them for the ribbon to hang on the tree.  We got it right the next time.
The kids had so much fun today they were all tuckered out.  Bubba and Gerttie passed out on the couch! :)

 I guess after this week's mishaps I could've thrown in the towel but when I look back at all that I really have....a wonderful husband, healthy and happy family, a warm home, my sweet blogland friends and a God who loves me no matter what, I can't complain but be thankful.  So, I'm off to my brother-in-laws for the weekend for some family time!  The boys are out hunting and cutting wood and i'm going to sit by the fire with my sister-in-law and catch up!  I'll try to take some pictures while i'm there, they have some beautiful property and home!

So remember when things get crazy (and they do this time of year), remember what you have and what's really important to you and enjoy the little moments for the memories of these little moments are what warms our hearts and souls on the days that bring us down.

Many blessings and have a great weekend!


p.s.  If you get a chance, please stop by and visit Kara at Elements Interiors.  Her family received some sad news this week and she could use your prayers of peace and well wishes.


SavannahGranny said...

SO sorry you had a bad week. Those sweet angel babies of yours, the two legged and four legged, are so sweet they would brighten anyone's spirits. Give everyone a hub for me and wish them Merry Christmas. Ginger

Entertaining Women said...

Your post is a beautiful example of one of my favorite lessons about our mighty God....Sometimes God calms the hurricane, and sometimes He calms His child in the middle of the hurricane. Sometimes He has to go to great lengths to make us slow down and appreciate the gifts that are right in front of us. I think that you were obedient to His leading. Thank you for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay