Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

What a wonderful holiday we had!  I hope everyone has recouped from all the cooking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping, shopping, cleaning, cooking, shopping, wrapping, cleaning........woah!!!!!! I was getting dizzy there for a moment....sorry....
I'm still floating around the house, picking up papers and boxes and gradually putting up holiday dishes and what-nots.  The tree won't come down until after the New Year, usually not until after January the 5th.  Don't know why but I've always waited till after the New Year.

The weather here is yucky, to put it nicely, and the kiddos have been couped up in the house.  The rain is here and looks like it will be here for a few days.  woo hoo...NOT!  I don't know if we will make it through the weekend.  At least I don't know if I'll have any hair left after this weekend!


New Years plans anyone?
I usually don't make New Years resolutions but I've been thinking about it the past couple of days and I've come up with a couple of pretty simple ones.  Does anyone make resolutions anymore or kiss their someone special at the stroke of midnight?  I've always been near Mr. MB (my UPS man as I call him) every year at the stroke of midnight and we've always shared a special moment.  11 years this year.  I can't think of any other way I'd want to start off my year than being by his side! :)

I'd love to hear from you all out there if you have any New Years resolutions!

I've also been wanting to do a giveaway and was hoping to get something out to you all in January so be on the lookout for a little something special in the next couple of weeks!  Until then, go check out Tammy at Type A.  She's doing her first giveaway sponsored by Everyday Blessings. 

Well I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and safe and Happy New Year!  


See you next year!

Many blessings, 


Marlis said...

thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind words. I have had some fun this morning going through your posts.. Love them all Happy New year to you and yours, may the new year bring you plenty of blessings.

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blooper post, its nice to meet you and I have now become your latest follower...great blog by the way!
Happy New Year,