Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~Holiday Memories~

Let's talk turkey or ham.....whichever you prefer!

I love, love, love the holidays!!!  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, New Years, Valentines, 4th of July and every other one in between.  I love everything about the holidays from planning the menu, shopping, organizing and decorating the house to seeing all my family and friends.  Watching everyone enjoying the food and conversation and sharing memories of holidays past.  I am ever so hopeful that my children soak up all the memories of these holidays and enjoy themselves because they are short-lived at best.

My fondest holiday memories are of mom, dad my sister and myself going to my Grandma Turner's (moms mom) for a Christmas Eve family get-together and then rushing to my Granny's (daddy's mom) for presents and back there the next day for Christmas dinner.  We did Thanksgiving at Granny's too.  She had the BEST chicken and dressing EVER!  I know we all say that but I have yet to taste anything close.  Ooooo and she made chocolate covered peanut butter balls and chocolate covered coconut balls and coconut pie and she always smelled so good.  Soap maybe.  Some kind of perfume?  I really think it was a body powder maybe.  Nothing fancy but always the same sweet, comforting smell. 

As we've all grown up and moved here and there, I couldn't tell you when the last time I had a holiday with my extended family.  My Granny is now 96 years old and doesn't remember much anymore.  She does remember me but only so far back.  I'm the baby on that side but even if I didn't have that going for me, who would forget me?  :)  She has no real memory of the last 11-12 years maybe.  Sometimes she doesn't remember that my daddy (her oldest and only son) passed away.  It's sad but I'm not one to dwell on the sadness of the situation because she still has her memories of years gone by and those are the best.

Unfortunately my family doesn't do much for the holidays anymore.  It's just me and mom now.  My sister is all the way out in California with her own family and doesn't come home much any more.  My mother-in-law has passed on and that side of the family has split and gone their own ways.  My older children have jobs and family on their dads side to contend with and it seems that it's getting harder and harder for them to make the holidays at my home.  As I think of the years gone by and the holidays of my younger years, I've come to realize my fond memories of large family holidays will never be my children's memories. 
For that I am sad.  :(


I am a planner and a dreamer and believe in wishful thinking coming true!  So, as I do every year, I will plan Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.  I believe planning these holiday events is a dieing art and if you can pull this off without loosing your hair or pulling someone elses hair out and doing so while keeping a smile on your face, then you deserve a pat on the back (at the very least). 

My plans are as follows...

I will plan on watching snippets of A Christmas Story as it plays for 24 hours on Christmas Eve.  I will plan on having good batteries in the camera to capture every smile but will always miss a few because I'm grabbing each precious hug I can!  Christmas morning I will plan on listening to the kids in the family room exploring their new toys Santa just dropped off while I'm in the kitchen cooking away.   I will plan for enough food for everyone.  Enough for even those who cannot come, just in case they can.  My doors will be open and we will welcome all who come, for I want to show my children to extend their kindness and a helping hand, to those in need and especially to those who don't know what they need. 

As I wish for the memories of my younger years to continue, I know that's not possible for I am no longer young but in the beginning stages of possibly becoming wise (that does happen doesn't it?).  So, I will begin "rebuilding", if you wish, my "family holiday's" and watch my children store their holiday memories for the future and pray that I give them as many fond moments as I had.

Now I'm off to plan!!!!

Come back on Thursday as I am going to attempt another Tablescape Thursday.  There's so many beautiful tablescapes posted on Between Naps On The Porch every Thursday, it inspires me to at least try.  Don't forget to "follow" me.  I'm new to this world and enjoy each comment and love floating around in your world as well.

~Merry Christmas and many blessings~

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Kirsty said...

Me too! Christmas is definitely the best though!